10 Best Japanese Pokemon Snacks in 2024

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The Appeal of Japanese Pokemon Snacks

Pokemon is a game in which players enjoy catching and raising a wide variety of monsters. The appeal of Pokémon lies in the encounters, friendships, and battles with unique Pokémon, and it is loved by people of all ages, from small children to adults. In Japan, Pokémon is part of the culture and is enjoyed in a wide variety of forms, including anime, movies, card games, and various goods. One tidbit of information about enjoying Pokémon snacks is that in addition to Pokémon-designed packages, there are also many Pokémon-shaped snacks, and collecting these is another way to enjoy them. Limited-edition flavors and specially packaged products tend to be the talk of the town among fans, making them even more valuable as collectibles. Many contents can be enjoyed by parents and children together through Pokemon, and are also used as a communication tool among family members.

Pokemon Cookie Chocolate Flavor

Product namePokemon Cookie Chocolate Flavor
Gluten Free

Pokemon Cookie Chocolate Flavor is a chocolate-flavored character cookie featuring “Pokemon,” which is extremely popular among children. The cookies have a soft texture and are kneaded with chocolate chips and cocoa, and are an easy size for children to eat. Inside the large bag are individually wrapped cookies, each with a different character on it. 16 different packages are available, so it will be fun to see which pattern comes out. They are perfect for snack time with parents and children, parties where children gather, or just to give away.

Chara-Pakki Pokémon Excavation Chocolate

Product nameChara-Pakki Pokémon Excavation Chocolate
Gluten Free

Chara-Pakki Pokémon Excavation Chocolate is a chocolate candy filled with fun “play” elements, in which items are molded by cracking open a chocolate board. The chocolate is puffed and has a crunchy texture, and one of the features of this candy is that it comes in eight different designs, but the real fun is in breaking the chocolate and excavating the skeleton of the Pokémon “Kaseki Pokémon,” which is restored from Kaseki. The fossil part is made of white chocolate, the surrounding area is made of milk-flavored chocolate, and the “Excavation Pikachu” is made of yellow banana-flavored chocolate, making it easy to get caught up in the excavation process.

Pokemon Tokyo Banana

Product namePokemon Tokyo Banana
Price4 pieces, $4.71
8 pieces, $8.69
12 pieces, $12.67
Gluten Free

Pokemon Tokyo Banana is a collaboration product between Tokyo’s classic souvenir “Tokyo Banana” and the popular character “Pokemon. The soft and fluffy sponge dough is filled with a thick banana custard cream that expresses the “Nana-only flavor,” making it a popular product among people of all ages, from children to adults. The sponge dough is printed with an adorable “Pikachu” design and comes in six different patterns, making it a popular souvenir. 4-piece, 8-piece, and 12-piece packages are available, making it easy to purchase according to the number of people to whom you are giving it.

Pokémon Cotton Candy

Product namePokémon Cotton Candy
Gluten Free

Pokémon Cotton Candy is a candy candy collaboration between fluffy cotton candy and “Pokémon. The cotton candy comes in five different flavors, with strawberry, grape, lemon, orange, grape, and soda in order from the center outward. The light-colored finish and colors inspired by each flavor are lovely, and the package also features a “Pokemon” character. Torn by hand and enjoyed alone or shared with friends, these candy canes bring a smile to your face during a relaxing snack time.

Pokemon Wafer Chocolate

Product namePokemon Wafer Chocolate
Gluten Free

Pokemon Wafer Chocolate is an individually wrapped candy that is a collaboration of a wafer chocolate candy popular among children and the character “Pokemon. You can enjoy the crispy and savory wafer and chocolate in your mouth. The product includes one “Pokemon” collector’s sticker, and since there are 24 types of these stickers, it is a fun way to see which sticker you will get. Furthermore, the backs of the 24 different stickers also have pictures on them, and when connected, they form one large picture. It will be a fun time to add to your collection by yourself or with your friends.


Product namePOKEPUNI
Gluten Free

POKEPUNI is a gummy candy featuring gummy bears and the popular children’s character “Pokemon” to enjoy the texture. Pikachu, Eevee, Gengar, and Pochama the face of Pikachu, Eevee, Gengar, and Pochama are small and cute enough to fit in a child’s hand. The four assorted flavors are lemon, cola, soda, and grape, each colorful and pleasing to the eye. They are easy to eat at snack time with children or when you are a little hungry, so they are a safe product to have in your bag at all times.

Poke-piece Kapucho

Product namePoke-piece Kapucho
Gluten Free

Poke-piece Kapucho is a chocolate snack food that is a collaboration of a crispy, light-textured chocolate snack and the popular character “Pokemon. The light puff is covered with chocolate and when you put it in your mouth, the crispy texture and the sweetness of the chocolate will fill your mouth. The product comes in an elongated cup-shaped container, making it easy to pick up and share with others outdoors or on a road trip. The package features a cute Pokémon and the product includes one Poképiece Dokitemo Issho sticker. Collecting all 20 types of stickers will be part of the fun.

Pokemon Snacks (chocolate and pudding flavors)

Product namePokemon Snacks
(chocolate and pudding flavors)
Gluten Free

Pokemon Snacks (chocolate and pudding flavors) are fun-looking corn puff snacks shaped like Pikachu. The chocolate flavor is a standard product with a gentle taste that is easy for children to enjoy, while the pudding flavor is a seasonal product with a mild sweetness made with condensed milk. These snacks can be enjoyed either with milk or on ice cream. When the package is opened, the inner bag is also decorated with various Pokémon designs, giving the impression that Pokémon have popped out of a monster ball. The stickers that come with the product are also luxurious and bulky, and you will definitely want to collect all 40 Pokémon designs.

Eat a star

Product nameEat a star
Gluten Free

Eat a star is a collaboration of cute “star-shaped” salt rice crackers and popular “Pokemon”. The “star-shaped” rice crackers are made from 100% domestic rice and have a light texture that will keep you coming back for more. The large bag of rice crackers as well as the individual packages are decorated with Pokémon designs, and 12 different designs are available for our enjoyment. These snacks can be enjoyed at parties with children, during snack time, or as a snack with drinks, regardless of the occasion.

Ottoto (Pokemon design)

Product nameOttoto (Pokemon design)
(light salt and consommé flavors)
Gluten Free

Ottoto (Pokemon Design) is a product that expresses the popular Pokemon among children with its unique candy shape popular among people of all ages. The elaborately shaped product, featuring 74 different Pokémon, stimulates curiosity and creates a conversation starter. OTTO is one of Japan’s classic snacks that has been loved for a long time since 1982, and is popular for its light texture, easy-to-mouth size, and flavor. This product is available in box, cup, and individual plastic wrappers, making it a perfect match for any daily occasion. Please pick one up when you see it. You will see why they are so popular.

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