10 Best Cute (Kawaii) Japanese Snacks in 2024

cute japanese snacks

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Sakusaku Panda

Product nameSakusaku Panda
Gluten Free

Sakusaku Panda is a signature snack of Kabaya Foods that is loved by men and women of all ages. The cookie is made of biscuit on one side and chocolate on the other, and when combined they form the face of a panda, making it a very comforting biscuit snack. The cookie is made of flour and shortening to achieve a crispy texture. Basically, the panda’s face is made of white chocolate and milk chocolate, but there are also limited edition flavors, so you can enjoy various flavors of Sakusaku Panda. Recommended for snack time or as a gift.

Anpanman Peropero Chocolate

Product nameAnpanman Peropero Chocolate
Gluten Free

Anpanman Peropero Chocolate, produced by the long-established confectionery company Fujiya, is something that every child in Japan must have eaten at least once. The characters from the popular Japanese anime “Anpanman” are made into bars of chocolate. The main character, Anpanman, of course, but also Baikinman, Dokin-chan, and other popular characters are available. The cute expressions of the popular characters woven from three kinds of chocolate with sugar, cacao mass, and cocoa butter are too cute to eat.


Product namePakuncho
Gluten Free

Pakuncho is a confectionery from Morinaga Seika, which has been in business since 1844. The biscuits are made of sugar and shortening and filled with chocolate cream. Disney characters are printed on the surface of the cookie, and the cookie can be eaten while enjoying the design. They can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from small children to adults. Recommended as a snack or during work. Designed not to stain even with one hand, these snacks are also recommended for sugar intake while working at a desk.

Banana chocolate

Product nameBanana chocolate
Gluten Free

These banana-looking chocolates are from Meiji, a long-established Japanese confectionery maker. Chocolate made from sugar and cacao mass is coated with a banana-flavored sugar coating, giving it a crispy texture and an addictive banana flavor. The perfect combination of chocolate and banana makes this chocolate candy a mouth-watering treat. The package has a monkey design that will be loved by small children. This candy is loved by a wide range of people, from children to adults who love chocolate bananas.

Every Burger

Product nameEvery Burger
Gluten Free

Every Burger is a cute hamburger-shaped pastry with milk chocolate sandwiched between crispy biscuits. The cookie is made of flour and margarine, baked to a crisp, and filled with cream that looks like cheese. The milk chocolate is used to give it the appearance of a hamburger, and it has a nice shine to it. The biscuit, which is synonymous with Bourbon, contains calcium, which is great for growing little children, and it is a chocolate candy that looks cute and should be served on a plate.


Product namePucca
Gluten Free

Pucca is a long-selling popular chocolate candy from the long-established Japanese confectionery manufacturer Meiji. The pretzels are made of flour and whole wheat flour, baked to a crisp, and filled with milk chocolate rich in cocoa butter. The chocolate can be eaten without getting your hands dirty, making it an easy snack for children with strong teeth or for desk work. The secret to the delicious taste is the hard pretzel and chocolate cream, which are shaped like several different types of fish, with some rare shapes mixed in so that you can have fun looking for them.

Choco Anpan

Product nameChoco Anpan
Gluten Free

Chocoaanpan is a chocolate pastry made to look like “anpan” (bean-jam buns).
The crust is made of flour and shortening to resemble bread, baked using a unique method, and filled with a soft chocolate cream made from cacao mass. The bite-size, easy-to-eat treats look like miniature loaves of bread, making them irresistibly cute. They can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from small children to adults. They are easy to eat and can be used as a snack for children or as an accompaniment to desk work without getting your hands dirty.

Petit Pastel

Product namePetit Pastel
Gluten Free

Petit Pastel is a chocolate candy in the shape of ice cream. Designed to allow young children to play store, the paper candy box can be assembled into an ice cream shop. Cookies made of sugar and flour are coated with chocolate made of cacao mass and covered with a colorful sugar coating to resemble ice cream. The cute appearance of these sweets makes them a favorite among children. They are popular with everyone from children who can now play pretend games to adults who miss their childhood.

Koala March

Product nameKoala March
Gluten Free

Koala March is a candy made of sugar and flour cookies and filled with chocolate cream. The surface is caramelized with a picture of a koala, and there are as many as 365 variations of the picture. There are many superstitions associated with the designs, such as that seeing a koala with eyebrows will bring good luck, and the candy is a fun way to look for the designs on the surface. The crispy biscuits also contain calcium, making them a popular snack for everyone from small children to adults.


Product nameIchigotsumi
Gluten Free

Ichigotsumi is a bar of chocolate in the shape of a strawberry. It is made of sugar and lactose and has two layers of milk chocolate and strawberry chocolate. Stickers with cute original characters are also included as an added bonus, and some customers collect the stickers. The bars are small and easy to eat, so they can be enjoyed by everyone from small children to adults. Since there are three sticks in a package, they can be shared with siblings in a family.

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