10 Best Japanese Frog Snacks in 2024

japanese frog snacks

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Cabbage Taro

Product nameCabbage Taro

Cabbage Taro is a long-selling product that has been loved since 1981. These bite-sized snacks are characterized by their round, cabbage-like shape. The package features a familiar design with the character “Frog Officer” on it. The snack is made from corn, and the surface is sprinkled with greenish-blue sprinkles. The texture is light and crispy. It is seasoned with a thick sauce, and its unique flavor is addictive. This snack is popular among people of all ages, from children to adults.

Bite Bite Fresh gummy bears

Product nameBite Bite Fresh gummy bears

Bite Bite Fresh gummy bears come in three adorable frog shapes. Popular with young children, these gummies are made with oral health in mind and contain xylitol. Xylitol is good for dental health and prevents cavities. These sugarless gummies offer a refreshing grape flavor. They have a chewy, elastic texture, and once you try one, you will be mesmerized by its mouthfeel. They are a perfect snack for children who are concerned about tooth decay.

Haribo Frogs

Product nameHaribo Frogs

Haribo Frogs are frog-shaped gummy candies with a perfect balance of chunky gummies and dry marshmallows. This product is recommended for those who like chewy gummies. Manufactured by the world’s largest gummy manufacturer, Haribo of Germany, the quality is top-notch. Also known as “frog gummies,” they have a gummy back and a marshmallow belly. The texture is unique, with a unique chewy texture. The chewiness is addictive and the taste is sweet.

Frog Manju

Product nameFrog Manju

Frog Manju was launched in 1989. The manju dough is filled with plenty of koshi-an (sweetened red bean paste), and the eyes and mouth are finished by hand by skilled craftsmen. The eyes and mouth are finished by hand by skilled craftsmen. This product is a well-known souvenir confection of Nagoya, and the manju’s filling of koshian (sweetened red bean paste) is delicious and nostalgic. The word “frog” also has a meaning of wishing for happiness and safety, such as “frogs that are safe (from travel, etc.)” and “happiness is frogs.

Frog Chocolate from Harry Potter

Product nameFrog Chocolate from Harry Potter

The “Frog Chocolate” sold in the Harry Potter area at Universal Studios Japan is a candy that appears in the movie. The frog’s shape, carefully crafted down to the smallest detail, makes you want to display it. Weighing 160 grams, its powerful presence makes a big impact. Another point is that a wizard card is enclosed as an extra. A total of five different cards are included at random and can be enjoyed as a collection. It is a souvenir that allows you to touch the magical world of Harry Potter, and is a perfect gift or surprise for movie fans.

Wasanbon Sugar Dried Confectionery “Rain Walk”

Product nameWasanbon Sugar Dried Confectionery “Rain Walk”

The “Wasanbon Sugar Dried Confectionery “Rain Walk” is the perfect dried confectionery for the hydrangea season. Dried confectionery is a general term for dry Japanese confectionery with little water content, and is popular as a traditional Japanese teacake or gift. The frogs sheltering from the rain behind the hydrangea leaves are cutely depicted, and the kompeito, which represents raindrops, adds a touch of color. It is a perfect gift for the tea ceremony or as a gift. The smooth melt-in-your-mouth texture, elegant aroma, and light flavor are unforgettable once tasted. You can enjoy a delightful tea time or a tasteful moment of hospitality.

Gero Pudding

Product nameGero Pudding

This delicious pudding is from Gero Pudding, the first pudding specialty store in Gero Onsen. This pudding is characterized by a flavor that will immerse you in nostalgia when you take a bite. The base is made from natural vanilla beans and carefully selected domestic eggs and milk. There are six different flavors (mellow, melon soda, retro, green tea, coffee jelly, and strawberry) to suit all ages, from children to the elderly, each with its own unique flavor. The pudding comes in a jar and features a cute package with a frog illustration and the words “Gero Pudding” printed on it. The Gero Onsen logo features a frog inspired by the frog call “gerogero” from “Gero. It is an excellent gift item.

Frog egg gummies

Product nameFrog egg gummies

Frog egg gummies are fun gummies made by Niudo Honpo, a long-established company founded in 1953. They come in two flavors, cola and soda, and come with a lottery ticket for a chance to win, making them full of fun. The center of the transparent gummies, which resemble real frog eggs, is colored black for a visually pleasing accent. The texture is soft, interesting to look at, and a pleasure to eat. The individual packaging makes them easy to share and perfect for sharing with a large group of people.

Pre-cut cake “Kerokerokeroppi”

Product namePre-cut cake “Kerokerokeroppi”

These cupcakes featuring Sanrio’s popular “Kerokero Keroppi” character come in a set of 4 cupcakes with a fun combination of sponge and cream. The sponge comes in four variations: chocolate chip, plain, black tea, and orange peel, while the cream comes in four flavors: chocolate, strawberry, green tea, and marron. The sponge is soft and moist, and the cream is rich. These carefully crafted cupcakes are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. They also come with a bonus badge and are popular as gifts.

Primacaron “Kerokerokeroppi”

Product namePrimacaron “Kerokerokeroppi”

Kerokero Keroppi macaroons are a set of six macaroons with cute illustrations and soft colors. Four flavors are available, offering a delicious variety of strawberry, pistachio, orange, and chocolate, so you can taste a different flavor each time you eat them. The macarons have a perfect balance between the crispy outside and the moist inside. The sweetness is moderate and the taste is elegant. This product is perfect as a gift for a Sanrio-loving friend or as a treat for yourself.

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