10 Best Japanese Croissant Snacks in 2024

japanese croissant snacks

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Croissants are made by weaving butter and other fats and oils into the dough, layering it and forming it into a crescent shape. Croissants have a beautiful appearance with layers upon layers and are visually appealing. One bite of the croissant offers a distinctive texture. The crispy surface crumbles with a crunchy sound, while the inside is moist. This contrast of textures is appealing. The rich buttery taste spreads inside, and you can enjoy the rich and thick flavor. It goes well with coffee and is perfect for breakfast.

Croissant rolls

Croissant rolls are an evolutionary sweet with a novel approach to croissant dough. The Croissant Roll is a croissant dough baked in a spiral shape and filled with cream. The finished product is coated with chocolate and other ingredients, making it a visually gorgeous and beautiful item. It is characterized by its crispy Danish dough-like texture, and you can enjoy its crispy texture no matter where you eat it from. It is a new kind of sweet that is sure to be a hit with sweets lovers.

Pan Swiss

Pan Swiss is a combination of brioche Swiss, a sweet bread with custard cream and chocolate chips wrapped in brioche dough, and croissant. It is characterized by beautiful stripes on the surface. One bite begins with a surprisingly crunchy texture, followed by a crispy, light dough. Then you reach the cream, which is smooth to the touch. Pan-Swiss is a new sweet treat that is a bold evolution of the croissant dough that has long been a favorite.


Pastry is a general term for pastries and dishes made by adding fats such as butter or shortening, salt, sugar, and eggs to flour and baked into a pie-like shape. Pastries come in many variations. Along with its crispy texture, this dish offers a wide range of flavors, from sweet to savory, depending on the filling. For example, those made with apples and berries are sweet and sour, while meat pies spread the umami of meat. Because of its diversity and deliciousness, it is a favorite among bread lovers.


Danish is a bread made from simple ingredients such as flour, eggs, sugar, milk, and yeast. What makes Danish unique is that it is baked in layers, with butter folded into the dough. This process gives Danish a soft, fluffy interior and crispy exterior, while providing a rich buttery flavor. They come in a variety of shapes and are sometimes arranged in hearts or spirals. Its flavor and texture make this bread a luxurious treat.


Croffin is a hybrid sweet that combines croissant and muffin. This unique sweet is made by baking croissant dough in a muffin mold so that the outside is crispy and the inside is fluffy at the same time. The inside is filled and decorated with various creams, jams, custards, and fruits. These varied fillings allow you to enjoy croffins with different sweetness and flavors. This dish is recommended for bread lovers.


Pie is a general term for a dish made by wrapping a variety of ingredients in a dough made mainly of flour and butter and baked. There are many types of pies, each using different ingredients and cooking methods. There are two basic types of pies. One is called a “folded pie,” in which a lump of butter is folded into the pie crust. The classic example of a folded pie is the millefeuille. The other is a “kneaded pie,” in which butter is mixed into the dough as it is being made. This method is used for “tarts” and “quiches. Pies are perfect for entertaining when people gather because of their delicious taste and many variations.


Taiyaki is a traditional Japanese confectionery, with a thin, crispy outer layer of baked dough and anko (red bean paste) filling inside. Generally, they are characterized by a low sweetness and Japanese flavor, but Western-style taiyakis with fruit, chocolate, and various creams are also on the rise. Taiyaki is a very popular snack in Japan, especially at festival stalls and event venues, and is loved by children and adults of all ages. Taiyakis are baked and served on the spot, making the freshly made, crispy texture stand out even more.


Dorayaki is one of Japan’s traditional Japanese sweets. Widely sold in supermarkets, convenience stores, and Japanese confectionery shops, they are loved by people of all ages. Especially depending on the season and region, many different variations can be enjoyed. The outer dough of dorayaki is glutinous and has a light elasticity. The inner layer between the outer dough is filled with anko (red bean paste), which has a smooth texture on the tongue. There are many variations of anko (red bean paste), such as tsubuan-an, koshi-an, shiro-an, and matcha-an.


Oobanyaki is one of Japan’s traditional Japanese sweets, a disk-shaped baked pastry filled with sweet red bean paste. The dough is soft, and when baked, the outside is crispy and the inside is soft and fluffy. The anko filling inside is characterized by its sweetness and smooth texture, and depending on the variation, you can enjoy either koshi-an or shiro-an (white bean paste). Oobanyaki is a very popular snack and is served throughout Japan. One of the charms of obanyaki is that it is called differently in different parts of the country, such as “Imagawa-yaki,” “kaiten-yaki,” and “gozayaki.

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