14 Best Japanese Chocolate Snacks in 2024

japanese chocolate snacks

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Kit Kat

Product nameKit Kat

Kit Kat is a chocolate and wafer layered confection created in England in 1935. It is now a very popular chocolate candy, selling 700 Kit Kat’s per second. In Japan, Kit Kat is the second most consumed chocolate candy after its birthplace in England. Kit Kat is often given as a gift to students preparing for or taking exams as a good-luck candy that “will surely win” in accordance with the name of the candy. The crispy wafers and milk chocolate are a perfect match and are loved by a wide range of people from small children to adults.

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Black Thunder

Product nameBlack Thunder

Black Thunder is a handy chocolate candy that can be easily eaten. Created in 1994 by a 20-something employee of a Japanese confectionery company called Yuraku, Black Thunder is a chocolate-coated confection consisting of cocoa cookies and plain biscuits. Cocoa cookies and plain biscuits are covered with chocolate, giving them a crunchy texture and the satisfaction of having eaten chocolate. It is suitable for a wide range of people from small children to adults, but with a calorie content of 113 kcal per serving, it can be enjoyed with one hand while at work when you want to replenish your sugar intake.

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Product nameKinokonoyama/Takenokonosato

These are two of the most iconic confections from the long-established Japanese confectionery maker Meiji: Kinokonoyama (mushroom mountain) and Takenokonosato (bamboo grove). Mushrooms? Bamboo shoots? Which do you prefer? The “Mushrooms” and “Bamboo Shoots” are two chocolate confections that often come up in discussions. The mushrooms are made by kneading malt extract into wheat flour to create a crispy, savory cracker core, which is covered with two layers of milk chocolate to resemble a crust. The Bamboo Shoots are crispy, buttery cookies coated with cocoa-scented milk chocolate to resemble bamboo shoots. Both are hard to beat, and are loved by everyone from young children to adults.

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Product nameAlfort

Alfort is a bite-sized chocolate confection consisting of a chocolate sailboat on the back of a savory biscuit made of flour with whole milk powder kneaded into it. Since its launch in 1994 under the concept of “for a pleasant afternoon,” Alfort has been loved by people of all ages for many years. When it was first released, it was considered a slightly upscale treat for guests that could not be purchased for a single coin. However, due to its strong popularity, a smaller sized Alfort was also released, and now it has become a treat that can be enjoyed easily. We recommend them as a snack or as a tea set for guests.

Lotte Choco Pie

Product nameLotte Choco Pie

Lotte Choco Pie is a cake-like confection consisting of a moist pie made of flour and shortening, sandwiched with cream and coated with chocolate on the surface. Although it looks like a pie, it is a moist dough with a hint of liquor, which is perfectly balanced with the cream inside. One of these pastries is a very filling and satisfying treat. Because of the strong liquor flavor, these pastries are not for children, but for adults. Individually wrapped, they can be served as gifts, tea-time treats, or tea time snacks. They are also delicious when served with alcohol.

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Product nameToppo

Toppo is a chocolate candy with milk chocolate inside a pretzel, first introduced in 1994. The pretzel is kneaded with flour and shortening, baked hard, and has an appetizing flavor. The milk chocolate is placed inside, so it can be eaten without getting your hands dirty. The pretzels are also available in small portions that can be shared, making them an easy and tasty snack for children or as a sugar supplement during the workday. The chocolate is also available in strawberry and seasonal flavors for a limited time only, so you can enjoy it in all four seasons.

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Koala March

Product nameKoala March

Koala March is a candy made of sugar and flour cookies and filled with chocolate cream. The surface is caramelized with a picture of a koala, and there are as many as 365 variations of the picture. There are many superstitions associated with the designs, such as that seeing a koala with eyebrows will bring good luck, and the candy is a fun way to look for the designs on the surface. The crispy biscuits also contain calcium, making them a popular snack for everyone from small children to adults.

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Country maam

Product nameCountry maam

Country maam is a typical confectionary from the long-established Japanese confectionary maker Fujiya. Inspired by the Japanese confectionery “manju,” they are made of flour with white sweet bean paste and syrup. These soft cookies are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The inside is filled with original chocolate chips rich in cacao mass and cacao butter, and can be heated in a microwave to recreate the taste of freshly baked cookies. In Japan, this unique and new texture is very popular and has many deep-rooted fans, and even limited edition flavors and ice cream have been developed. They are loved by a wide range of people, from children to adults.

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Product namePie-no-mi

Pie-no-mi are bite-sized chocolate pie snacks sold by Lotte. They have been on the market since 1979 and are still popular among men and women of all ages, often eaten as a snack, but now they are also available in share packs of two pies in one set, making it easy for everyone to bring them along on picnics and other occasions. The pie is made of 64 layers of crispy pie made of flour and margarine, with a mild chocolate filling. Before baking, the surface is lightly dusted with sugar to create a crispier texture.

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Product nameSasa

The name “Sasa” comes from the meaning of the character “sa”, which means “thin, transparent fabric”. It is a chocolate made by layering multiple thin lines of about 1.5 mm. Not only beautiful to look at, but the crisp texture and elegant chocolate that melts in the mouth make it a recommended confectionery for entertaining guests and serving tea. It is made up of approximately 1,350 pieces, so it tastes as if it is melting in your mouth. Please enjoy the balance of flavorful chocolate made from cacao mass and white chocolate.

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Product nameCrunky

Crunky is a chocolate with crunch that has been sold by Lotte since 1974 and has been a long-selling product for many years. The catchphrase of the product is “Crunchy, light, and tasty regular chocolate.” The chocolate contains “malt puff” made from flour and starch, which gives it a crunchy texture. You can enjoy the light and crispy texture every time you bite into it. The packaging of this product has remained almost unchanged since its initial release, and it is loved by everyone from small children to adults.

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Meiji’s almond chocolate

Product nameMeiji’s almond chocolate

Meiji’s almond chocolate is the number one selling almond chocolate in Japan, and is very popular. Almonds are carefully selected from the world’s standards and coated with chocolate formulated to match the aroma of the nuts. The selected almonds are roasted to a crisp and the nuts are covered with a layer of milk chocolate specially formulated for nuts. Each piece of chocolate is a dazzling jewel. Recommended as a snack or when you just want a bite.

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Meiji’s macadamia chocolate

Product nameMeiji’s macadamia chocolate

This chocolate candy is made by Meiji, a long-established Japanese confectionery manufacturer. Soft, fragrant, rare, and very carefully selected macadamia nuts are used. They are roasted using Meiji’s traditional roasting method, which warms the macadamia nuts to the core, locking in their flavor and sweetness. Each piece of chocolate is made with crushed macadamia nuts and specially formulated for macadamia nuts. The chocolate is calculated to mix in your mouth when you eat it, so you can enjoy the special taste and texture.

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Product nameGalbo

Galbo is a chocolate candy released by Meiji in 1996. The biscuit is soaked in chocolate using an impregnation process, which gives it a new sensation of crispy texture and chocolate that can be felt softly, and many consumers have been captivated by the texture since its first release. Since they are made in a way that does not make hands dirty, they are very popular not only among children but also among adults, as they can be easily eaten while working at a desk. The milk chocolate flavor has been the standard, but the tsubuneri strawberry, which contains freeze-dried strawberries, is popular among men and women of all ages. Please enjoy the marriage of cacao mass and sweet and sour strawberry powder.

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