10 Best Bourbon Japanese Snacks in 2024

Best Bourbon Japanese Snacks

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Product nameLumonde

Lumonde is a long-selling confectionery that has been a representative of Bourbon since it was launched in 1974. It is a confectionary made of multiple layers of thin crepe dough made of flour and sugar, wrapped in cocoa cream. It is popular as a tea-time snack, and is relatively suitable for adults. Since the crepe batter tends to spill out, please eat it when there is a plate or receptacle. They continue to be loved as a slightly rich snack. The crispy texture and elegant flavor are the secret to its popularity.

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Product nameAlfort

Alfort is a bite-sized chocolate confection consisting of a chocolate sailboat on the back of a savory biscuit made of flour with whole milk powder kneaded into it. Since its launch in 1994 under the concept of “for a pleasant afternoon,” Alfort has been loved by people of all ages for many years. When it was first released, it was considered a slightly upscale treat for guests that could not be purchased for a single coin. However, due to its strong popularity, a smaller sized Alfort was also released, and now it has become a treat that can be enjoyed easily. We recommend them as a snack or as a tea set for guests.

Baum Roll

Product nameBaum Roll

Baum Roll are rolled sponge made with flour and liquid whole eggs, and coated with white chocolate. It has been a very popular confectionery for a very long time since it was launched in 1978. The sponge is smooth and moist, like a baumkuchen or cake sponge, and has an exquisite soft and fluffy texture. The white chocolate is mildly sweet and has a delicate milk flavor, making it a perfect match for the dough. The sweetness can be felt well, so small children can enjoy it with water, while adults can enjoy it with coffee or tea.

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White Lollita

Product nameWhite Lollita

White Lollita is a crispy cookie made of flour and margarine. It is a long-selling confectionery from Bourbon with a long history, and was originally named “White Rotary” because of its twisted and molded shape. Coated with white chocolate and rich in milk, these baked sweets have been on the market since 1965, and are still popular among men and women of all ages. It is a confectionery for adults that is a little rich and suitable for guests’ tea time or for meetings. Because of its sweetness, it goes very well with coffee and tea.


Product nameChocoliere

Chocoliere is a cookie confection consisting of a digestive cookie made of whole wheat flour and filled with mild-tasting chocolate. The appearance is elongated and oval, with a tart-like form, and the harmony of the savory biscuit and chocolate is exquisite. It has been loved since 1977 and is a long-selling product among Bourbon’s biscuit confections. The crunchy biscuit and mild chocolate flavor is the perfect accompaniment to coffee or tea, and can be enjoyed as a tea-time snack or as a teacake.


Product nameSylveine

Sylveine is a cake-like confection consisting of a cake batter made of liquor-infused flour and shortening, sandwiched between vanilla cream and coated with chocolate on the surface, which can be eaten at room temperature. The cocoa butter coating and the single raisin on top are exquisite. Since its release in 1982, it has remained a popular, slightly luxurious confectionery. Because they are easy to store at room temperature and can be obtained without going to a cake shop, they are recommended as a snack for adults when they want to indulge a little. Since it contains alcohol, it is a confectionery for adults.

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Elise Hokkaido Milk

Product nameElise Hokkaido Milk

Elise Hokkaido Milk is one of Bourbon’s most popular Elise confections. It is a simple wafer made of flour and sugar, but it is sandwiched with a cream that goes well with the wafer, and all flavors are delicious. The Hokkaido Milk flavor, in particular, contains rich buttermilk powder, which gives it a milky taste that goes perfectly with the savory wafers. They are a popular snack for all ages, whether for small children or for a quick teatime snack.

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Gateau raisins

Product nameGateau raisins

Gateau raisins are made with flour, shortening, raisins, butter and sugar,
These soft cookies are made with raisins that have been slowly soaked in aromatic rum. The raisins are sandwiched between milky whipped cream and served with coffee or tea as an adult snack. The rum-soaked raisins go well with wine and can be paired with alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, children cannot enjoy this rich snack because the main ingredient, raisins, are soaked in rum and have an alcohol content of 1.2%, so only adults can enjoy this snack.

Chocolate & Coffee Biscuits

Product nameChocolate & Coffee Biscuits

Chocolate & Coffee Biscuits are savory cookies slowly baked with wheat flour and nonfat wheat germ, topped with chocolate cream and coffee cream. The large quantity but reasonable price makes it an easy snack to serve not only for children, but also for parties and recreational occasions with large groups of people. The crunchy zing and slightly salty cookies complement each flavor. The chocolate flavor has a sweet milk taste, while the coffee flavor has a slightly bitter but flavorful taste that goes well with the cookies.

Blanc Tulle

Product nameBlanc Tulle

Languedocia is a thin, crispy cookie made of flour, butter, and egg whites. Blanc Tulle is a langdosha cookie sandwiched between two layers of white chocolate, creating an exquisite harmony. The buttery langdosha cookie is light and crispy to the touch, and is perfectly balanced with the sweet white chocolate. The sweetness of this confectionery is designed to stand out, so it is recommended for coffee, tea, or as a tea-serving snack. This slightly rich confectionary is loved by everyone from children to the elderly.

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