10 Best Japanese Candy Snacks in 2024

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Kompeito is a Japanese confectionery with a rich history, made by repeatedly pouring sugar syrup over a single grain of pomelo and then drying it. It takes as long as two weeks for the candy to take on its lovely, star-like shape. It is not as hard as candy, and the sweetness spreads softly in the mouth, and the shape crumbles when you bite into it. Kompei sugar is also used as a gift for the royal family. This is because it takes a long time to make kelp sugar, so it is given as a gift to the royal family as a sign of “building a family slowly”. It is a perfect gift for weddings and White Day.

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Fujiya Milky

Product nameFujiya Milky

Fujiya Milky is a classic Japanese confectionery with a long history and a sense of nostalgia for many people. It is characterized by its milk-based flavor and is loved by many for its mild taste. It is characterized by its soft and melt-in-your-mouth texture. The candies are individually wrapped for easy portability and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Peko-chan, the girl depicted on the wrapping paper, is very popular. If you give them as a palate cleanser or snack, they are sure to be appreciated.

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Pineapple candy

Product namePineapple candy

Pineapple candy was first sold in 1951, and at the time cost one yen per piece. It was developed by the first president of the company to make pineapple, which at the time was a luxury item in the postwar period, more readily available. The ingredients are a mixture of sugar, syrup, and pineapple juice. The sweetness of the pineapple is refreshingly sweet with a hint of sourness. The candy features a hole in the middle to resemble a sliced pineapple. It is a long-selling product that has been popular since the Showa period. Individually wrapped and easy to carry, it is perfect for driving and outdoor activities.

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Mitsuya Cider Candy

Product nameMitsuya Cider Candy

Mitsuya Cider Candy is a candy made from Mitsuya Cider, a carbonated juice. There are four flavors in one bag: Mitsuya Cider, apple, lemon, and grape. The candy is shaped like a marble and has a lovely light fruit color. As the name “cider” suggests, when you put it in your mouth, you will feel the carbonation. The secret is baking soda, which gives it a fine, sizzling sensation. The fruit-flavored candy also has the sweetness of fruit juice. Each bag contains four different flavors, so they are perfect for sharing with friends.

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Candy that goes away

Product nameCandy that goes away

This candy is made of candy, sugar, and grape juice. It is a fun fortune-telling candy that changes flavor and color when put in the mouth, and one’s fortune can be divined according to the color. At first, the candy is grape-flavored purple, but as you lick it, the color changes. It is fun to see what color it changes to with friends. If there is a candy with gold leaf in it, you will be very lucky, and so on. The candy is in the shape of a cute character called “Kiezeru-kun.

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Sakuma Strawberry Milk

Product nameSakuma Strawberry Milk

Born in 1970, this candy is still loved by many people of all generations. It is a strawberry-like colonized triangle with a pretty pink color. The candy is individually wrapped and has a strawberry pattern on it. The texture is different and the milk inside is crunchy. This is due to the concept of “making candy to chew” and the mille-feuille-like milk inside the candy. Unlike other candies, it has an addictive texture.

Golden milk

Product nameGolden milk

Made by a company called “Kanro” established in 1914, “Golden Milk” does not contain any additives such as flavoring, coloring, or artificial sweeteners. The creaminess is even more pronounced because it is made with the finest fresh cream, which is also used by professionals. The moment you take a bite, you can taste the rich flavor of milk, and the smooth texture and sweet milk aroma can be enjoyed again and again without getting tired of it. The sweetness is moderate, and the richness can be enjoyed. When you are tired, a single bite of this cake will relax your mind and give you peace of mind.

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Product nameAwadama

Awadama is a refreshing candy characterized by a sparkling, shiny texture. This fine-grained sizzling sensation pleasantly stimulates the mouth, and the sweetness and refreshment are in perfect harmony. You can enjoy three flavors in one bag: Apple, Pineapple, and Grape. Not only is it delicious, but it also contains vitamin C. Each bag contains the equivalent of 25 lemons. The individual packages are perfect for sharing with a large group of people. The colorful packaging is cute and fun to look at, making it a perfect party snack.

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Bontan candy

Product nameBontan candy

Bontan candy was first sold in 1925 and continues to be a well-loved confectionery today. The fruit depicted on the package is “Bontan,” a citrus fruit that is a specialty of Kyushu and Shikoku. This candy is a bite-sized piece of rice cake mixed with syrup and wrapped in an oblong oval. It is a beautiful orange color. When eaten with the oburato, it has a soft and chewy texture like a caramel, and the aroma of citrus fruits can be enjoyed. It is a snack that you can throw into your mouth during a break from work or study and relax with the fresh citrus aroma.

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Sakuma Drops

Product nameSakuma Drops

It is made by boiling down sugar and syrup, mixing with flavoring, coloring, and fruit juice, and then molding. There are eight flavors: strawberry, orange, apple, huckleberry, pineapple, lemon, plum, and melon. They are shaped like jewels and are so enchanting that one is enchanted and says, “They are beautiful. They go well as tea cakes. The nostalgic taste will give you a peaceful moment. It is convenient to carry around as an accompaniment for driving or outdoor activities. The small drops are easy to eat and perfect for replenishing energy.

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