10 Best Crunchy Japanese Snacks in 2024

crunchy japanese snacks

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Product nameO’zack (Lightly Salted and Iso-Nori Salt)
Gluten Free

O’zack are potato chips. These potato chips are flown using the bubbling method to create a bumpy shape, giving them a crunchy texture and rich potato flavor. The light salt flavor uses crystalline rock salt to enhance the flavorful taste of the potato. The Iso-Nori flavor is characterized by the delicious taste of seaweed with a rich aroma of the sea. These potato chips are perfect for snack time with children or for family gatherings.

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Kata-Age Potatoes (various types)

Product nameKata-Age Potatoes (various types)
Gluten Free

Kata-Age Potatoes (various types) are potato chip snacks that allow you to enjoy the texture. The more you chew, the better they taste! is the catchphrase for these chips, which are made by slowly and carefully frying thickly sliced potatoes. The harder you chew, the more you can enjoy the flavor of the potato. The salt from the Setouchi area is used, and the combination of kombu (kelp) and bonito (dried bonito) makes it hard to stop eating.The variety of flavors, including the classic Light Shio (light white) and Black Pepper, is evident in their popularity. These potato chips are a Japanese staple. Please give them a try. You will definitely be captivated by them.

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Crunch Potatoes (Sour Cream & Double Onion Flavor and Double Cheese Flavor)

Product nameCrunch Potatoes
(Sour Cream & Double Onion Flavor and Double Cheese Flavor)
Gluten Free

Crunch Potatoes (Sour Cream & Double Onion Flavor and Double Cheese Flavor) are thick-sliced potato chips characterized by their hardness and rich flavor. These potato chips are Calbee’s strongest potato chips with a strong crunch and a rich flavor that will make you feel exhilarated. The Sour Cream & Double Onion flavor is a rich combination of sour cream and two types of onion ingredients (made with onion powder and roasted onion powder). The Double Cheese flavor is a rich combination of two types of cheese powder (cheddar cheese powder and emmental cheese powder) for flavor.

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Jagarico (various types)

Product nameJagarico (various types)
Gluten Free

Jagarico (various types) is a snack food made mainly from potatoes, and has been a beloved national snack food since 1995. Its unique crunchy and crunchy texture is popular among a wide range of people. The unique manufacturing process gives them a pleasant “crispy first, crunchy second” texture. The popular flavors include salad, cheese, potato butter, and cod roe butter, as well as a variety of other limited-time and limited-area products. The cup-shaped containers make them easy to share outdoors, and they can be eaten in any situation. Because they are easy to share, they are the perfect snack for parties where people gather.

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Product nameKabukiage

Kabukiage is a deep-fried rice cracker that has been a long-selling product in Japan since 1960. Amanoya’s secret sweet soy sauce sauce is used to flavor the aromatic deep-fried dough with Kabuki family crests. The crunchy, crispy texture and the sweet and spicy flavor based on dark soy sauce are irresistible. The sweet and spicy flavor is popular among both children and the elderly. The individually wrapped packages allow you to enjoy the fresh texture at any time, which is a nice feature. They are perfect for sharing or sharing with others. It is a great snack when you are hungry or when you want to accompany alcohol.

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Product nameAerial

Aerial is a corn snack. A light texture is achieved by layering four layers of thin dough. There are three flavors: salt, rich cheddar cheese, and baked corn. The shio (salt) flavor is made with Alpensalz rock salt for just the right amount of flavor, while the rich cheddar cheese flavor is made with cheese cream after frying and finished with cheese flavored powder for a rich taste. The grilled corn flavor is made with “naturally brewed soy sauce made from round soybeans in wooden vats,” which is produced using a traditional Japanese method. The savory flavor of soy sauce roasted over an open flame at high temperature enhances the sweetness of the corn.

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Super Crunchy Pretz

Product nameSuper Crunchy Pretz

Super Crunchy Pretz is a stick-shaped snack food specializing in texture. The brand of snacks is a national long-selling snack food that has been on the market since 1962. With each crunchy and pleasant chew, the flavor of the ingredients spreads in your mouth. The pleasant crunchy texture can be enjoyed all the way through due to the thin and light shape. Another great feature is that each bag contains 0.98 g of dietary fiber derived from the ingredients. Please try our new texture, which is different from the conventional Prits. You will be captivated by it.

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Product nameOtotto

Ototto is a thin dough potato snack in a variety of shapes. The light texture, easy-to-pick-up size, and flavor make it a popular snack. The light texture of the unique thin layer of potato snacks is a fun “parent-child communication” snack. Non-fried, crispy and light, they are perfect for snack time or as an accompaniment to alcoholic beverages. This product is sure to be a conversation-starter, especially with children.

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Product namePoteco

Poteco is a potato snack made with potato as an ingredient. Crispy potato! The use of Churaumi Sea-grown salt enhances the delicious potato flavor. These crispy ring potato snacks are fun to hold in your fingers. The Umashio flavor uses Okinawan “Churaumi Grown” salt. The consommé flavor has a rich consommé taste with the delicious flavor of chicken or pork and the sweetness of vegetables such as onions. The taste is so refreshing that you can’t get enough of this snack.

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Potato Maru

Product namePotato Maru

Potato Maru are bite-sized potato snacks. The dough is made from cute, rolls of potato and hardened into bite-size pieces, giving them a unique crispy texture that fills your mouth with the delicious taste of potato. The standard light salt flavor is made with French Lorraine salt and beef oil, and the mild saltiness and rich, lingering flavor of the potato is complemented by the gentle taste of the potato. The limited-edition salad flavor is made with the delicious taste of potatoes and mayonnaise. One bite and the unique texture will captivate anyone who tastes it. If you have not tried it yet, please give it a try.

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