10 Best Japanese Bread Snacks in 2024

japanese bread snacks

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Melon bread

Melon bread is a sweet bread originating in Japan that resembles a melon. It is characterized by a round soft dough topped with sweet biscuit dough (cookie dough) and baked with a lattice pattern on the surface. Some cookie dough is topped with sugar, and the fluffy bread and crispy texture of the cookie dough are addictive. Some are filled with melon-flavored cream. Nowadays, there are various kinds of melon bread with different appearances and ingredients, and you can enjoy different tastes depending on the store. Why not find your favorite melon bread?


Anpan is a Japanese sweet bread filled with red bean paste and has a history dating back to 1874, and is popular among a wide range of people from children to the elderly. There are many varieties of anpan, with tsubu-an and koshi-an being the standard, as well as white bean buns made with kidney beans, sweet potato bean buns, chestnut bean buns, and seasonal anpan made with sakura-an and uguisu-an (sweet red bean paste). The typical shape of the bread is a flat, round shape. The typical shape is flat and round, often decorated with poppy seeds, salted cherry blossoms, or sesame seeds. One bite and the savory flavor of the bread and the gentle sweetness of the bean paste will fill your mouth. Please try it!

Cream buns

Cream buns are pastries with custard cream inside. Inspired by the deliciousness of cream puffs, this sweet bread has a history dating back to 1904 and is popular among both children and the elderly. The bread is either filled with custard cream and baked, or baked like cream puffs and then filled with cream in the dough using a device. There is a wide variety of creams, such as whipped cream, chocolate cream, coffee cream, etc., depending on the store. The aroma of the bread and the smooth cream will fill your mouth with a delicious flavor that will bring a smile to your face.

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Jam Bread

Jam Bread is a bread with jam inside. Inspired by biscuits with jam, this bread has a long history and has been produced since 1900. It is loved by many people, from children to the elderly. It satisfies both the stomach and the mind with its gentle sweetness during snack time with children or when you are hungry. If you have not tried it yet, please give it a try. You will see why they have been loved for so long.

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Choco bread

Choco bread is a bread made with chocolate. The standard version is made with chocolate cream, but there are many variations, including those with chocolate kneaded into the dough. Chocolate cream is made by adding chocolate or cocoa to custard cream and is popular for its smooth texture. In other countries, many breads like pain au chocolat are filled with batons of chocolate or chocolate chips, which is very different from the Japanese version. Please try this uniquely Japanese chocolate bread. You will surely like it too.

Fried bread

Fried bread is a sweet bread made by frying copped bread in oil and seasoning it with sugar and other ingredients. In Japan, it is often served in school lunches and is immensely popular. Overseas, fried dough and churros have a similar image, but these are in the doughnut category, and Japanese fried bread is slightly different. In Japan, fried bread is made by frying bread in oil once it has been baked. Even bread that has become hard can be made into deep-fried bread to make it tastier. In addition to sugar, there are other flavoring options such as cinnamon, soybean flour, and cocoa powder, so you can enjoy different flavors without getting tired of them. We hope you will try this uniquely Japanese fried bread.

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Mame-ban (bean bread)

Mame-ban (bean bread) is a combination of bread dough and beans. It is a sweet bread made by mixing ama-natto (kidney beans) into the base dough and baking it into a round shape, and has been loved by people for many years. There are many variations of ama-natto, including kintoki-mame (kidney beans), adzuki beans such as dainagon (red beans), and uguisu-mame (green soybeans), as well as other varieties with black beans kneaded into the dough. The soft and moist bread and the gentle sweetness of the beans are addictive. Please try it for yourself and enjoy it at snack time with your children or when you want to take a breather. You will be captivated.

Curry buns

Curry buns are breads with curry as a filling. It is generally made by wrapping curry in bread dough, dipping it in bread crumbs, and deep frying it in oil, but there are also baked curry buns that are baked without being deep fried. This product has been loved since the early Showa period, and different stores sell various types of curry buns. Instead of simply wrapping curry, curry with less water and hardened curry is generally used, and some include a boiled egg, making it a good choice as a snack or a meal. Because they are easily portable, they are perfect for outdoor activities and road trips, and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

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Yaki-soba bread

Yaki-soba bread is a cooked bread with yaki-soba noodles sandwiched between two pieces of coppé bread. It has been a national favorite since the 1950’s. The combination of yakisoba and bread is surprising, but when you try it, you will find that they go together very well. The combination of yakisoba and bread is a surprising product, but when you try it, you will find that they go together very well and become a habit. Yakisoba can be eaten with one hand, so it is recommended for outdoor activities and road trips. Try it as a snack or a meal, and you will be satisfied. You will surely be captivated by it.

Korokke bread

Korokke bread is a prepared bread with a croquette sandwiched between two slices of bread. Various types of bread are used, including bread, buns, and coppepan, and the croquettes used vary. Generally, potato croquettes with Worcestershire sauce are used, often with shredded cabbage as a garnish, and some have mayonnaise. When you bring it to your mouth, the gentle texture of the bread and the savory flavor of the croquette will fill your mouth. Once you try it, you will become addicted to its deliciousness. If you have never tasted this Japanese soul food, you should definitely give it a try.

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