10 Best Spicy Japanese Snacks in 2024

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Product nameKaramucho

Karamucho was the first spicy potato snack created in Japan and remains a long-selling product that is highly popular today, especially among the younger generation.
Thick slices of potato chips are cut into strips and covered with original spices based on chili powder. Not only are they spicy, but they also have an umami flavor from the meat and vegetables, and one bite is enough to make one addicted to the unique, deliciously spicy flavor. This snack is designed to be enjoyed by adults as a snack with alcoholic beverages, and since it goes well with both beer and sake, it has become a popular accompaniment to alcoholic beverages, especially among the younger generation.

Karamucho Chips

Product nameKaramucho Chips

Karamucho Chips are a potato chip version of Japan’s most popular spicy potato snack, Karamucho.
The original spice based on chili powder, which is also used in “Karamucho” and has an umami flavor of meat and vegetables, goes well with the thinly sliced potato chips. The thinly sliced, light-textured potato chips are a perfect accompaniment to alcoholic beverages, and since they go well with carbonated beverages such as colas and sodas, they are also recommended as a snack for children.

Umakatsu Baikun Habanero

Product nameUmakatsu Baikun Habanero

Umakatsu Baikun Habanero, as its name suggests, is Japan’s hottest potato snack, characterized by the pungent spiciness of habaneros. This hot and spicy snack for adults sparked Japan’s hot and spicy boom and remains a highly popular long-selling product.The thickly sliced potato chips, cut into strips, have a deliciously spicy flavor with the hotness of habanero and the delicious taste of chicken, onion, and garlic, making them a perfect match for carbonated beverages such as cola and beer. The stimulation of the habanero and the carbonation will surely make you addicted.

Kameda’s Kaki no Tane

Product nameKameda’s Kaki no Tane

Kameda’s Kaki no Tane is a half-moon shaped, bite-sized, soy sauce-based dry rice cracker made primarily from rice. Named for its resemblance to a persimmon seed, Kaki-no-tane from Kameda is the most famous kaki no tane in Japan.Each bag of Kameda’s Kaki no Tane contains a 7 to 3 ratio of persimmon seeds to peanuts, a golden ratio determined by a referendum conducted by the manufacturer. The combination of soy sauce crackers with the spiciness of chili peppers and savory peanuts has become a standard accompaniment to beer in Japan.

Wasabi Beef

Product nameWasabi Beef

Wasabi Beef is a long-selling potato chip with the spiciness of wasabi, a favorite condiment of the Japanese people, and the flavor of beef that is addictive, and is the only one and only flavor of its kind in Japan.
The secret to the delicious taste is the hidden chili pepper flavor that enhances the spiciness of the wasabi and the rich beef flavor. The strong flavor is very popular with children because it goes well with milk, carbonated beverages, juice, and other beverages that children love, but it also goes well with the bitterness of beer, making it the perfect snack to accompany a family reunion.

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Product nameUmaiwa

Umaiwa is a derivative of “Umaibo,” a corn puff snack that has been a long-selling product as a standard snack for children.Umaibo is a 10 cm long stick-shaped snack with a hollow interior. They are available in more than 60 different seasonings, including corn potage and cheese flavors, and are very popular with children because they cost only about a dime each. Umaiwa is made by cutting several Umaibo into bite-size rings and putting them in a bag. Therefore, they are very popular not only among children, for whom a single Umaibo is not enough, but also among adults, for whom Umaibo is hard to buy.

The Hard Aged Potato

Product nameThe Hard Aged Potato

The Hard Aged Potato series are potato chips with a characteristic hard texture. The crunchy, hard texture is made addictive by slowly frying the thickly sliced potatoes using our special direct flame frying method.The more you bite into these slowly fried potato chips, the more the flavor and sweetness of the potato comes out.
Kata-Age Potato Black Pepper Chips have a tangy, spicy aroma from the black pepper that enhances the flavor and sweetness of the potato. Chew well and savor the umami of the potatoes as you enjoy this dish.

Choumao Chili Pepper

Product nameChoumao Chili Pepper

Choumao Chili Pepper is a derivative of the popular snack food “Burnt Chili Pepper,” which is made by battering and deep frying sliced chili peppers. In addition to the spiciness of the sliced chili peppers, the batter that surrounds the chili peppers is flavored with the numbing goodness of black pepper and hwaseng pepper.
The package is printed with a warning label warning that it is highly spicy because it is the hottest in the series. The stimulation of the chili pepper, the bitterness of the beer, and the carbonation will surely make you addicted.

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Taratara-teinen-nai Geki-Hot Flavor

Product nameTaratara-teinen-nai Geki-Hot Flavor

Taratara-teinen-nai Geki-Hot Flavor is a pastry made mainly from codfish surimi and cut into thin strips; available for about five dimes a bag, it is a long-selling product popular as a standard snack for children, but with a moist texture, the flavor and sweetness of cod and Japanese soup stock, combined with the spiciness of chili pepper, It is also a popular snack to accompany alcoholic beverages, and is often found next to the liquor section of supermarkets and convenience stores. The sweet and spicy taste will surely enhance the bitterness of beer.

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Kaki-no-tane (Wasabi-flavored) from Kameda

Product nameKaki-no-tane (Wasabi-flavored) from Kameda

Kaki-no-tane (Wasabi-flavored) from Kameda is a half-moon shaped, bite-sized, soy sauce-based dry rice cracker made mainly from rice. It is said that the name “kaki-no-tane” comes from its shape, which resembles a persimmon seed.Kaki no tane is usually characterized by the spiciness of chili peppers, but Kaki no tane Wasabi is unique in Japan because it is characterized by the spiciness of wasabi (Japanese horseradish). The moment you put it in your mouth, the pungent taste that pierces your nose is as stimulating as real wasabi. It is recommended to be paired with a dry sake, which is also made from rice.

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