10 Best Japanese Wasabi Snacks in 2024

japanese wasabi snacks

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Excellent Kappa Ebisen Hama Goshio

Product nameExcellent Kappa Ebisen Hama Goshio

Sweets made with Japanese wasabi have a unique charm. Zesshin Kappa Ebisen is the wasabi flavor of Kappa Ebisen, whose catchphrase is “Can’t stop, won’t stop. Twice the size of a regular Kappa Ebisen, it is a gem with a rich shrimp flavor. The dough is firm and chewy. The flavor of “Hamamishio” salt and the refreshing spiciness of wasabi add an accent to the snack. You can feel the combination of the two when you put it in your mouth and enjoy the strong taste of the shrimp afterwards. This snack is a must-try for beer lovers, as it makes for a great beer snack.

Komekko <Nori Wasabi Flavor>

Product nameKomekko <Nori Wasabi Flavor>

Sweets made with Japanese wasabi have a unique charm. Komekko has the perfect balance of nori and wasabi, making it easy to eat and addictive. The texture is light and crispy, perfect for children’s snacks or for snacking on when you are hungry. The ingredients are made from Uruchi rice, as the name “rice cracker” implies. The wasabi and spicy flavors give it an exquisite taste, making it a perfect snack with beer. It is a must-try for beer lovers.

Happy Turn Wasabi Flavor

Product nameHappy Turn Wasabi Flavor

These Happy Turns are sold only in the region and each bag contains 14 pieces. It is made with powdered wasabi made from real wasabi from the Azumino Daio Wasabi Farm. Usually wasabi has a pungent taste, but this Happy Turn has a less pungent taste. The powder, called Happy Powder, contains oil, which coats the pungent component of wasabi, thereby lessening its pungency. It is popular among adults as a unique and innovative snack that is different from regular Happy Tang. Since it is a regional product, it is also favored as a travel souvenir.

Green Beans Salt Wasabi Flavor

Product nameGreen Beans Salt Wasabi Flavor

This snack is made from Hon Wasabi leaf powder. It has a distinctive wasabi aroma with a twang that goes into the nose. Whole peas are used and can be easily eaten. The combination of Wasabi and sweets is a uniquely Japanese flavor that will keep you coming back for more. The taste is different from that of ordinary sweets. Recommended as a snack for those who like spicy food and those who drink alcohol.

Noriten Wasabi Flavor

Product nameNoriten Wasabi Flavor

Noriten Wasabi Flavor is a flavorful snack with a batter on one side of the nori. The texture is made with a particular crispiness. The addictive wasabi flavor is stimulating. The sweetness of the nori-ten is matched by the spicy wasabi flavor. The refreshing spiciness of the wasabi flavor will whet your appetite and keep you coming back for more. It is quite hearty and goes well with alcohol, making it a perfect snack.

Wasabi peanuts

Product nameWasabi peanuts

This snack is a bean snack with peanuts wrapped in a refreshing wasabi-flavored batter. The small portion is just right for a quick snack. The aroma of the wasabi flavor and the crispy texture of the peanuts are exquisite, making it hard to resist. It is a profound combination that suits the taste buds of adults, so it is perfect as a snack when drinking tea or alcohol.

Wasabi Beef

Product nameWasabi Beef

Wasabi Beef is a snack combining potato chips made from potatoes and wasabi. Wasabi Beef has a perfect balance between the tastes of domestic wasabi and beef. It is a long-selling product that has been on the market since 1987. The taste is easy to try for those who like spicy food as well as those who do not like wasabi.

Kaki-no-tane Wasabi Flavor

Product nameKaki-no-tane Wasabi Flavor

This Kaki-no-tane from Kameda has wasabi, a spicy and addictive wasabi sensation. The texture is crispy and easy to eat. If you are not a fan of spicy food, you can take a short break from eating peanuts when the wasabi makes your mouth spicy. The twang and spiciness is for adults and is recommended to eat with alcohol. The individual packages make it easy to share with family and friends.

Chipstar Azumino Wasabi Flavor

Product nameChipstar Azumino Wasabi Flavor

Chipsters are one of Japan’s most iconic snacks, and this Wasabi flavor was released in 2019. The package is green in color to resemble wasabi. When you open the package, there is no twangy aroma of wasabi, but you can smell the wasabi in your mouth. The texture is crispy and light, easy to eat and delicious. Even though it tastes like wasabi, it is mild and hypoallergenic, making it easy for children to eat.

Potato Snack Wasabi Flavor

Product namePotato Snack Wasabi Flavor

These wasabi-based snacks are crispy, wasabi-flavored snacks. They are made by mixing flour with water and eggs, coating them with a batter of a characteristic liquid, and deep frying them in oil. Wasabi has a pungent taste, but its spiciness is different from that of peppers and other spices, which are characterized by their clean, refreshing, and tangy flavor. These snacks are made with wasabi, making them suitable for adults, and come in packs of two 8-packs, perfect for when you just want a snack.

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