10 Best Japanese Snacks to try in Tokyo in 2024

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Tokyo Banana “I found it!”

Product nameTokyo Banana “I found it!”

Tokyo Banana “I found it!” is a western-style confectionery made of sponge cake wrapped in banana-flavored custard cream, and has been one of the most popular Tokyo souvenirs since it was first sold in 1991. The sponge cake is baked once and then steamed, giving it a soft and fluffy texture. The custard cream is made from banana puree, which is made from the backs of bananas, allowing you to enjoy the natural banana flavor. The cute banana-shaped sponge cakes are individually wrapped, making them ideal souvenirs for large groups.

Ginza Fruit Sandwich

Product nameGinza Fruit Sandwich

Ginza Sembikiya is the most famous fruit store in Japan as a distributor of high-end fruits for gifts. Ginza Fruit Sandwich is a cookie sandwich sold by this fruit store. Sandwiched between the savory cookies is a smooth fruit cream filled with fragrant fruit pulp. Three flavors are available: sweet and sour strawberry, refreshingly sour yuzu, and mellow muscat raisin. The aromatic and sweet cookie sandwiches are the perfect accompaniment to tea time.


Product nameOgata-yokan

Ogata-yokan is a Japanese confectionery made mainly from azuki beans and marketed by Toraya, the most famous high-end Japanese confectionery in Japan. Yokan is made by boiling azuki or white adzuki beans and adding melted agar and sugar to the bean paste, which is then slowly kneaded and hardened. There are five kinds of yokan in this assortment: “Yoru no Ume,” a classic flavor; “Omokage,” with the distinctive flavor of brown sugar; “Shinryo,” with the bitter taste of green tea; “Honey,” with the rich flavor of honey and the refined sweetness of white bean paste; and “Kocha,” with the sweet, savory aroma and rich flavor of black tea. All yokans are perfect with strong green tea.

Mount Balm Firmly Bud

Product nameMount Balm Firmly Bud

Mount Balm Firmly Bud is a baumkuchen with a firm texture. The dough is made from carefully selected eggs, sugar, butter, and flour, and is steamed and baked one layer at a time in a special oven. Baked in a special oven, the baumkuchen is fragrant on the outside and moist on the inside, and has a comforting texture similar to French bread. The dough, with its strong buttery flavor and aroma, has a strong taste and texture. The wood-shaped baumkuchen is a recommended confectionery as an accompaniment to tea time with close friends.

Imoyokan and Ankodama

Product nameImoyokan and Ankodama

Imoyokan and Ankodama are Japanese sweets made mainly from sweet potato and azuki beans, and are sold by Funawa, a well-known long-established Japanese sweets store. Imoyokan is a simple flavored yokan made from sweet potato, sugar, and salt. No coloring, preservatives, or flavoring are used, and the natural flavor can be enjoyed as it is. Anko-tama is a sweet bean paste confection characterized by its gentle sweetness. When you take a bite, the agar wrapped around the bean jam pops in your mouth. The standard flavors are azuki, white beans, green tea, strawberry, coffee, and mandarin orange. Each wagashi is colorful and beautiful, making them perfect as souvenirs for large groups of people or as tea receptacles.

Assortment of 2 kinds

Product nameAssortment of 2 kinds

The assortment of 2 rusks is a gift set containing 2 types of popular rusks sold by “Tokyo Rusk,” the most famous rusk specialty store in Japan. The “Premium Amando-Rusk” is a crispy rusk with a luxurious caramel and almond coating. The “Sugar Rusk” has a rustic taste with a buttery flavor and gentle sweetness of sugar. Individually wrapped and lasting for a long time, they are highly popular as Tokyo souvenirs among people of all ages.

Sugar Butter Sandwich Tree

Product nameSugar Butter Sandwich Tree

Sugar Butter Sandwich Tree is a western pastry made by sandwiching a special buttercream with a crispy cereal dough. The buttercream is made from rich fermented butter with a strong flavor. The cereal dough is made from a special blend of whole wheat, rye, and wheat flour, giving it a delicious cereal flavor. The savory flavor of the cereal dough is enhanced by the sprinkling of pumice on the dough. The crunchy, savory texture and rich cream make it a popular souvenir of Tokyo for people of all ages.

Meika Hiyoko

Product nameMeika Hiyoko

Meika Hiyoko is a Japanese confectionery characterized by the shape of a chick looking up at you. The main ingredient is white kidney bean yolk bean paste, which is wrapped in a sweet dough made mainly of flour and eggs. The dough used to wrap the bean paste is made from flour milled and blended exclusively for Hiyoko, kneaded with fresh eggs, top white sugar, and other ingredients, and baked to a moist, savory taste. The yellowish red bean paste, characterized by its smooth texture and gentle sweetness, is made from firm, stringy kidney beans. The cute chick-shaped sweets are highly popular among people of all ages as a standard souvenir of Tokyo.

Stick Chocolate

Product nameStick Chocolate

Stick Chocolate is a chocolate confection sold by the Imperial Hotel, a prestigious hotel in Japan famous as one of the “Three Families of Hotels” along with Hotel Okura and New Otani. The assortment consists of two types of chocolate: bitter chocolate with an elegant sweetness and bitterness, and mixed chocolate with a beautiful marbled pattern of white and milk chocolates. They are wrapped in white wrapping paper with a chic design ribbon. These elegant chocolate confections from a first-class hotel are a great gift for your loved ones.

Tokyo egg Gomatamago

Product nameTokyo egg Gomatamago

Gomatamago is a chocolate candy that is highly popular as a Tokyo souvenir among people of all ages. The secret to the delicious taste of this cute egg-shaped confection is its four-layer structure. The thick black sesame paste is wrapped in aromatic black sesame bean paste. The exquisite harmony of the four layers makes this a perfect tea-time accompaniment.

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