10 Best Japanese Snacks Halal in 2024

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Rice cookies

Product nameRice cookies

Rice cookies are baked goods made mainly from rice flour, mixed with sugar, coconut puree, almond pudding, etc. They can be stored for 5 years and do not contain allergens such as wheat, milk, or eggs, so they are highly valued as emergency food in the event of a disaster or other emergency, and are purchased by many people at facilities where diverse people gather. This product has been purchased by many people, including facilities. The use of coconut gives the product a mouthwatering crunchy texture. The product has a delicious aroma and a gentle sweetness. Because they are made with health-friendly ingredients, they are a perfect snack to share at tea time with those who have allergies.

Happiness-inspiring horseshoe pie

Product nameHappiness-inspiring horseshoe pie

Happiness-inspiring horseshoe pie is a baked pastry made from wheat, milk, and eggs, and baked in the oven. It is characterized by its U-shaped horseshoe motif and is popular as a gift for auspicious occasions. There are four flavors to choose from: a sugar butter flavor with a delicious firm sweetness, a strawberry flavor richly spreading the sweetness and sourness of fresh strawberries, an aromatic and flavorful cheese flavor, and a maple flavor softly spreading a deep, rich sweetness and unique flavor, which can be enjoyed with the crispy texture of the pie crust. Because they are Halal certified, a certification of production standards in accordance with Islamic law, they are an ideal gift for Muslims as well as for general gift-giving. It is the perfect snack to accompany coffee or tea during relaxation time.

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The original Kibidango

Product nameThe original Kibidango

The original Kibidango is a confectionary made of glutinous rice, sugar, syrup, and millet, and shaped into a small, flat circle. Known as the sweets that appear in the famous Japanese folktale Momotaro, they are popular among all generations. The surface of the sweets has a delicate, glutinous texture, and when chewed, they are soft and fluffy, with a unique texture that is pleasantly elastic. You can enjoy the simple and gentle taste of the original flavor of the ingredients. The flavor can be changed by arranging it, such as eating it with soybean flour or red bean paste, making it an ideal item for preparing various toppings and enjoying arranged sweets when you get together with friends.

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Yamada-Nishiki senbei

Product nameYamada-Nishiki senbei

Yamada-Nishiki senbei are baked crackers made with a generous amount of Yamada-Nishiki, the highest grade of rice suitable for sake brewing, baked softly, and flavored with salt. Yamada-Nishiki is highly regarded by sake brewers as the best raw material for producing the finest sake, and these rice crackers made with this best rice are a popular baked sweet that is appreciated as a gift and is often purchased repeatedly. You can enjoy the gentle flavor that emphasizes the original taste of the rice and the lasting goodness of the rice. The crispy and chewy texture is a delicious dish to hear. The refreshing and gentle salty taste makes it an ideal snack to bring to gatherings with friends. Its presence is enhanced by the sweetness of the sweets, and is sure to please.

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Product nameMomiji-manju

Momiji-manju is a Japanese confectionery made from wheat flour, eggs, sugar, and honey, wrapped in sponge cake-like dough and baked in a shape of a maple leaf. It is baked in a shape of a maple leaf. It is a popular product so well known and highly rated that it is ranked first in Japan in a survey of “the best manju in Japan” and is also regularly ranked high in “National Souvenir Ranking”. You can enjoy the elegant taste of the fluffy, thinly baked sponge cake dough with plenty of eggs and the smooth, light bean paste. It is a perfect souvenir or gift, and is available in many flavors including chocolate, making it a perfect snack for home use, to share with family and friends, or as a seasonal treat to enjoy the changing leaves in the fall.

Tokyo Arare

Product nameTokyo Arare

Tokyo Arare is a bite-sized deep-fried snack made of glutinous rice, deep-fried in oil, and flavored with soy sauce, sugar, or other seasonings. They come in a variety of flavors, including sweet and spicy soy sauce flavor, chili pepper flavor, and seaweed flavor. Not too rich, but with an elegant flavor that enhances the natural sweetness and flavor of the rice, this HALAL-certified, vegetarian-certified, as well as gluten-free product makes an ideal gift. The large, bite-size portions make them the perfect snack to share with the whole family as a relaxing and comforting treat.

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Halal chocolate

Product nameHalal chocolate

Halal chocolate is a chocolate confection made from sugar whole milk powder, cocoa mass, and cocoa butter. It is available in three types: milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. They are popular as gifts for events such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas, and are one of the most popular confections loved by people of all ages. You can enjoy the rich flavor of cacao that spreads when you take a bite, and the sweet, rich, rich taste. Individually wrapped and available in three different flavors, they are the perfect treat to share with friends or colleagues, or as a relaxing snack with coffee or tea.

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Magical macorons

Product nameMagical macorons

Magical macorons are baked confections made from wheat flour, rice oil, wasanbon (a type of Japanese sugar made from the Japanese yam), and koya-tofu (dried bean curd). Since they do not contain any additives such as white sugar, animal ingredients, preservatives, colorings, or flavors, they are gaining popularity as an unlikely and safe confectionery. These confections are characterized by the gentle sweetness and crispy texture of handmade sweets, and their simple flavor is appealing. Because they are made with nutrition in mind based on a recipe developed through sports nutritional guidance, they are recommended as both a gift and for home use for everyone from small children to the elderly. It is the perfect snack for a relaxing holiday with the family.

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Product nameBENIIMO TART

BENIIMO TART is an exquisite combination of a paste made from 100% Okinawan red potatoes, sugar, flour, butter, and eggs, and a tart dough baked with a unique blend of these ingredients. It is one of the most popular and highly acclaimed products, having won the Monde Selection gold medal for six consecutive years, as well as the International Excellent Quality Award. The tart is crispy and fragrant with a rich buttery aroma, and the smooth, rich red sweet potato paste that makes full use of the red sweet potato’s natural sweetness can be enjoyed. The individually wrapped tart is a perfect gift to express your gratitude to your loved ones and those who have helped you.

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Product nameMOCHIKON

MOCHIKON is one of the konnyaku sweets made from konnyaku flour, soybean flour, and blackstrap molasses. It is so popular that it is available in four different flavors. At only 115kcal per bag, it is a healthy, low-calorie snack that is perfect for those times after exercise when you want to eat something tasty while taking care of your health. It is the perfect snack after a workout when you want to eat something tasty while taking care of your body.

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