10 Best Japanese Snacks for Cheap in 2024

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The Best Japanese Snacks Boxes are…
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Potato Fries Fried Chicken Flavor

Product namePotato Fries Fried Chicken Flavor

Potato Fries Fried Chicken Flavor is a fried chicken-flavored potato snack. Potato fries are a candy made of potato powder and flour, battered and deep-fried like tempura, and are a long-selling product that has been on the market since 1980. 75 million bags have been sold annually since around 2010. These crispy, crunchy snacks have the aroma of deep-fried chicken with spicy garlic and ginger for an authentic taste. They are popular as snacks for children, but they are also popular as snacks for older people as well, due to their nostalgic flavor. We hope you will try this product.

Kabayaki Santaro

Product nameKabayaki Santaro

Kabayaki Santaro is a candy that imitates kabayaki eel. It is made by baking a sheet of minced fish meat and topping it with a sauce flavored with sauce. It is a long-selling product that has been loved throughout Japan for many years, and everyone has had a taste of it at least once. The sweet and salty taste of the tare and the more you chew, the more you are captivated by the umami that comes out as you chew. The surprisingly low price makes you want to buy as many as you can and hand them out to your friends. They are perfect for snack time with children or as an accompaniment to drinks. If you have never tried them, please give them a try. You will surely be captivated.

Snack Karpas

Product nameSnack Karpas

Snack Karpas is a Karpas made with chicken and pork as ingredients. This well-loved product is celebrating its 20th anniversary and is made with chicken as its base, with pork added. The product is made with a soft texture and reduced spice so that even small children can enjoy it safely. Although this product is intended for children, it is a big hit with people of all ages, even adults. The cute panda design packaging is eye-catching. The vacuum-packed, ready-to-eat size of these tasty products can be stored at room temperature, making them very convenient for storing as a snack or taking on the go.

Cocoa Cigarettes

Product nameCocoa Cigarettes

Cocoa Cigarettes, a cigarette-shaped rummage, is a long-selling product that has been on the market since 1951. The cigarette-like bars are packaged in a package reminiscent of cigarettes. The cigarette-like sticks are packaged in a package reminiscent of cigarettes, and are popular with children because they look as if they are smoking a cigarette when held in their mouths. It is so popular that at its peak, 18 million units were shipped annually. This firm-textured rummé candy fills the mouth with the aroma of huckleberry and the flavor of cocoa. It is a nostalgic candy that everyone has had a taste of at least once, imitating adults. Please give it a try.

Cabbage Taro

Product nameCabbage Taro

Cabbage Taro is a corn snack inspired by Brussels sprouts, and has been a long-selling product since 1981. Although the word “cabbage” is in the name, cabbage is not used in the ingredients. The ingredients are corn, the green grains on the surface are green laver, and the seasoning is sauce. The package character is a “frog policeman” (a frog dressed as a policeman), and the brightly colored green and yellow of the snacks are eye-catching. It is a national snack that all Japanese people fondly remember.


Product nameMini-Cola

Mini-Cola is a cola-flavored Ramune candy, and has been a long-selling product since its launch in 1978. It was developed as a way to enjoy the taste of cola at a lower price, as canned cola was expensive at the time (100 yen for a 250 ml can). It is a tablet-type cola-flavored soft drink in a plastic pull-top container in the shape of a can. It has been a very popular product, selling 403.2 million units in the 28 years since its launch. It is one of the nation’s favorite candies, with a size that is easy for even children to hold in their hands. Please try this ramune candy that holds fond memories for Japanese people.


Product nameUmaibo

Umaibo is a corn puff snack in the shape of a stick, and has been a long-selling product loved in Japan since it went on sale in 1979. Because of their inexpensive price, they are extremely popular, especially among children and young people. The popularity of the product can be seen in the fact that more than 60 varieties have been sold so far. The crunchy corn snacks are pleasant to the palate when you take a bite, followed by the robust flavors. The dough that melts in your mouth is also very flavorful and addictive. The flavors range from the standard cheese and corn pottage flavors to the more unusual natto and beef tongue flavors, so be sure to try them when you see them.

Young Doughnut

Product nameYoung Doughnut

Young Doughnut is a doughnut-shaped candy that has been a long-time favorite in Japan since it was first sold in 1989. These small doughnut-shaped snacks are dusted with sugar and come in packages of four. These doughnuts are very popular as a snack for everyone from small children to the elderly. They may look small, but they are firm and sweet, and their moist texture is a great match. The sugar on the surface also enhances the deliciousness of the donuts. We invite you to experience the surprise of having a doughnut anytime at this price. You will be captivated.

Chirole Chocolate

Product nameChirole Chocolate

Chirole Chocolate is a palm-sized chocolate candy, a long-selling product that has been on the market since 1979. There have been over 300 flavors released to date, including the classic Coffee Nougat, Milk, Strawberry, White & Cookie, Almond, and Biscuit, and 20 to 30 new products are created each year, indicating that the product is very popular in Japan. The most popular flavor is the Kinako Mochi flavor, which has become a big hit, selling approximately 17 million units in five months and has become a winter staple. We hope you will try our Chirole Chocolates, which are loved by everyone from children to the elderly.

Black Thunder

Product nameBlack Thunder

Black Thunder is a cocoa-flavored crunch candy hardened with chocolate, and has been a long-selling product since its launch in 1994, very popular among children and young women. Cocoa cookies and plain biscuits are coated with chocolate to create a satisfying crunchy texture that lingers in the mouth. The most distinctive feature is the crunchy texture, and the more you chew, the more the flavors of cocoa and chocolate fill your mouth. The easy-to-eat size is perfect as a snack for children or a quick break from work. It is a product that you should always have in your bag.

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