10 Best Japanese Meat Snacks in 2024

japanese meat snacks

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Snack kalpas

product nameSnack kalpas

Snack Karpas are bite-sized snacks sold by Yagai, a manufacturer of processed meat products. Kalpas, which gives the snack its name, is a dry sausage made from chicken and pork. The bite-sized snacks are easy to put in the mouth, and the salty taste spreads gradually in the mouth. It is characterized by its spicy, juicy, and savory flavor, and is so addictive that once you start eating it, you can’t stop. Easily available at convenience stores and supermarkets, it is the perfect snack for alcoholic beverages.

Big Katsu

product nameBig Katsu

The “Big Katsu” is a candy that resembles a fried pork cutlet. What is surprising is its true identity. Although the product calls itself a “cutlet,” it is really a sheet made of seafood and wrapped in a batter. The cutlet is covered with a generous amount of sauce, which whets the appetite. One bite into the cutlet and you will enjoy the thickness of the batter and its chewy texture. When you eat it, the fat spreads out slowly, and it is very satisfying. As an alternative dish, a recipe to make katsudon with big pork cutlet is popular on the Internet. If you are interested, please give it a try.

Nankotsu Kunsei

product nameNankotsu Kunsei

“Nankotsu Kunsei” is an excellent product made from smoked pig’s throat cartilage. It is the signature product of a local meat processing company, Nakayoshi Meat, and is a big hit with fans nationwide. This smoked cartilage has an exquisite crunchy texture and fatty sweetness, making it perfect for enjoying with sake. This product, which uses a rare part of the pig’s throat cartilage that is generally unfamiliar to most people, has been introduced in the media many times. It is a snack that sake lovers will want to repeat two or three times.

Otsumami Gyutan

product nameOtsumami Gyutan

“Otsumami Gyutan” is an authentic snack for beef tongue lovers. This product is made by Natori Corporation, a food manufacturer whose main products are snacks and dried delicacies. The beef tongue is seasoned exquisitely with salt and pepper and dried to perfection. As a result, you can enjoy the concentrated flavor of beef tongue and its unique elastic texture. It is a perfect accompaniment to alcoholic beverages and is especially recommended for beef tongue lovers. Enjoy your evening drinks with this luxurious dish.

Aged Beef Jerky

product nameAged Beef Jerky

“Aged Beef Jerky” is made by “Natori Co. This company is a food manufacturer whose main products are snacks and dried delicacies. Tomosankaku, a rare part of beef that offers a perfect balance of lean and fat, is used and aged for more than 72 hours in a special sauce. This luxurious beef jerky is perfect for special occasions, bringing out the rich flavor of beef. This is a must-try for those who want to savor the delicious taste of carefully selected ingredients.

Seared Pork Belly Jerky

product nameSeared Pork Belly Jerky

“Seared Pork Belly Jerky” is a popular snack food for alcoholic beverages. Thick pork belly marinated in a sweet and spicy sauce is carefully and aromatically seared. The extra effort of searing makes the jerky rich in flavor. One bite and you will be addicted to the delicious flavor of this authentic snack. It is of course delicious eaten as is, but it can also be chopped into small pieces and used as a garnish for fried rice and other dishes. This snack is highly recommended for those who like to drink.

Delicious salami you must try at least once

product nameDelicious salami you must try at least once

The “delicious salami you must try at least once” is made by “Natori Co. This company is a food manufacturer whose main products are snacks and dried delicacies. This product is made from Danish pork and flavored with as many as 13 different spices. The meat, flavor and spices are concentrated, smoked and then slowly aged to create a rich salami. This product is a perfect snack for enjoying the luxurious taste at home where you can spend a heartwarming time with friends and family.

Umashio Horumon

product nameUmashio Horumon

Umashio Horumon (fried hormone) has a large visual impact and presence, and the more you bite into it, the more the flavor of the meat spreads. The saltiness is modest and the taste of the ingredients is important. It has a hard chewy texture, but the more you chew it, the softer it becomes. Warm it in a microwave to soften the aromatic and juicy fried hormone. Although its name is “fried,” it is not greasy and is a healthy snack. You can also enjoy this gem by arranging it with salt and pepper or shichimi (seven spices) to your liking. It is recommended for home-drinking occasions with friends and family, as you can season it to your own taste.

Bite Into Deep Fried Gizzard

product nameBite Into Deep Fried Gizzard

The “Bite Into Deep Fried Gizzard” is a convenient delicacy that can be enjoyed straight out of the bag, with the perfect amount of contents for home drinking. Fresh Japanese chicken gizzards are carefully dried to create a firm, chewy, delicious, and rich flavor. Once you try it, you will enjoy its addictive taste and it is a snack that will enhance your home drinking time. It is characterized by a hard texture and a salty, spicy spice flavor that spreads after the saltiness, and the more you chew it, the more the flavor gradually spreads. The gizzard has no odor, making it easy to eat even for those who are not fond of gizzards.

Umashio Liver

product nameUmashio Liver

“Umashio Liver” is dried pork liver. It is sliced into easy-to-eat bite-sized pieces. The aroma of sesame oil whets the appetite, and the product has a delicious odorless taste. The texture is crispy, and the salty flavor of the liver can be fully enjoyed. Liver is known by many as a food rich in iron, which is an especially important nutrition for women. What a great way to enjoy a delicious snack that also has a positive effect on your body! It is a luxurious and perfect snack for home-drinking that can be enjoyed with family and friends without hesitation.

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