10 Best Japanese Easter Snacks in 2024

japanese easter snacks

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Enjoy Easter chocolate pie

Product nameEnjoy Easter chocolate pie

This chocolate pie has the moist texture, mouth feel, sweetness, and volume of a cake. Choco Pie is loved by many because of its perfect balance of chocolate and cream blended into the cake, which is extremely delicious. This package is only available for a limited time and is perfect to liven up the Easter party scene. This unique illustration of the world creates a visually pleasing atmosphere. This item will make Easter more enjoyable for family and friends.


Product nametwinkle

Launched in 1980, more than 40 years later, “Twinkle” is still loved by people of all ages. These confections are wrapped in five different types of silver paper and feature a cute, colonized egg shape, a popular design that once seen, is unforgettable. These chocolates are filled with a variety of sweets. Each one contains a different candy, such as kompeito and mints, and each time you eat it, you feel the excitement of the candy’s appearance. The girl depicted on the package is a fairy named “Twinkle” and comes from the land of stars. This illustration gives the product a dreamlike atmosphere.

Choco Eggs

Product nameChoco Eggs

Choco Eggs are a fun candy that you can’t resist buying because they are egg-shaped chocolates with figures of various characters inside. The chocolate in Choco Eggs is coated with white chocolate on the inside, giving it a crunchy texture that is different from regular chocolate. Milk chocolate is used, which is a rather sweet chocolate and is made for children. The attraction of this product is that you can enjoy both the figure and the chocolate, since you can enjoy the excitement of not knowing what will come out and the delicious chocolate.

Enjoy Easter Koala March

Product nameEnjoy Easter Koala March

Enjoy Easter! Koala March” is a chocolate candy that is a perfect combination of biscuits and chocolate with a picture of a koala. The combination of biscuits and chocolate is a perfect blend of sweetness and crunchiness. This product can be enjoyed from the outer packaging to the individual wrappings, and the pastel colors of the adorable koala and Easter egg designs are like a work of art and inspiring. Since they are individually wrapped. You can share it with your friends and family.

Easter Chocolate

Product nameEaster Chocolate

This product is an adorable chocolate set of rabbits and eggs, symbols of Easter. Lindt is a long-established chocolate specialty store founded in Switzerland in 1845, and the brand has many fans around the world because of its history and achievements. The chocolates in this set are designed to look so cute that they are almost too good to eat. Lindt chocolates are known for their high quality and rich taste. This is a must-have item for chocolate lovers and makes a perfect gift.


Product namePACUNCHO Easter

This product is a limited-edition Easter packet of packchos featuring fun Disney characters transformed into Easter eggs. The ball-shaped, round biscuits printed with Disney characters wearing rabbit ears are filled with chocolate cream. The mouth-watering chocolate cream-filled biscuit “Pakuncho” is not only well-designed but also delicious. Why not spend a lively moment with everyone with these sweets for a special event? The package contains 7 individually wrapped triangular shaped bags, which is a convenient size to share with friends and family.

Jaco Easter egg milk chocolate

Product nameJaco Easter egg milk chocolate

The chocolate eggs from Jacquot, a major French chocolate maker, are one size smaller than a real egg. The inside is hollow, and the crispy bite is a pleasant sensation. Each one is wrapped in colorful foil, making them look lively and exciting. They are convenient for sharing, and are perfect for decorating a fun Easter party with friends and family, or for an egg hunt. Perfect for events, this product is carried at Costco and is available in large quantities at a reasonable price.

Rabbit Cookie

Product nameRabbit Cookie

The eye is drawn to a cute cookie tin depicting the port city of Kobe. The illustration on the cookie tin is comforting just by looking at it, and inside are cute cookies in the shapes of rabbits, flowers, and ships. The cookies themselves are also pleasing to the eye. The cookies are delicious, with a buttery aroma that spreads softly and makes you feel happy with every bite. This product is perfect as a souvenir and is sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. The cookie tin filled with rabbit motifs is the perfect gift for special occasions.

Inaba’s White Rabbit

Product nameInaba’s White Rabbit

In Japan, the rabbit has long been popular as a lucky animal that brings good fortune because of its spontaneous leaping. These baked manjus are made with less sweetness, moist dough, and elegant red bean paste gently wrapped around the bunny. The cute shape of the rabbit, “Inaba no Shiro-usagi” was created in 1968 and has been widely loved by children and the elderly alike as a symbol of good fortune and good luck. You can enjoy the tradition and delicious taste of this manju based on the Japanese legend “Inaba no Shirohare (White Rabbit of Inaba)”.

Moon Hare

Product nameMoon Hare

The “Tsuki Usagi” set is beautifully designed with a rabbit, Mid-Autumn moon, autumn leaves, and Chinese bellflowers to evoke the feeling of autumn. Wasanbon is made from a special type of sugarcane produced only in certain parts of Japan, and is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. This rare sugar is characterized by its elegant melt-in-your-mouth texture that melts like snow, and is still made using traditional methods developed in the Edo period. Tsuki Usagi” is characterized by its gentle sweetness and elegant soft color. It is a perfect match for tea, and makes a delicious matcha green tea. You can feel the tradition and elegance of Japan.

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