6 Best Japanese Dried Fish Snacks in 2024

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Nagasaki Niboshi from Kadoyabeikoku

Product nameNagasaki Niboshi from Kadoyabeikoku

This flavorful snack is made from “katakuchi sardines” caught off the coast of Nagasaki Prefecture. Fresh katakuchi sardines are landed, quickly boiled, and dried. As its name suggests, katakuchi iwashi is characterized by its chewy texture and is very satisfying to eat. Its rich flavor is loved by many. Its simple flavor makes it an ideal snack with beer or sake. Its crunchy texture and rich flavor make it a perfect match for alcoholic beverages, perfect for a fun drink or a relaxing moment. You can enjoy a luxurious moment of drinking while feeling the bounty of Nagasaki’s beautiful sea.

Niboshi 90g from Yamaki

Product nameNiboshi 90g from Yamaki

This dried fish is a gem of taste and flavor, and is packed with nature’s bounty. The flavor of the fish is tightly condensed, giving it a deep taste. The texture is crispy and chewy, and its mouth-watering texture is also one of its charms. With each bite, the aroma and flavor of the fresh sea fills your mouth. You can enjoy it during a short break while watching TV or reading a book. It is also a perfect snack for alcoholic beverages, and its deep flavor can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to beer or sake.

Additive-free freshly brewed dried sardines 100g from Yamaki

Product nameAdditive-free freshly brewed dried sardines 100g from Yamaki

Fresh anchovies from the Seto Inland Sea are boiled in a kettle within an hour of being caught and carefully nibbled into dried fish. This process maintains the freshness of the ingredients to the maximum extent possible, resulting in a dried fish with a strong flavor and a refined broth. Only anchovy from the Seto Inland Sea is used as the raw material, and we are particular about its quality and flavor. The dried sardines can be eaten as is, and one bite reveals the fresh flavor of the Seto Inland Sea. The simple taste of the ingredients themselves makes it an excellent accompaniment to alcoholic beverages.

Salt-free additive-free Setouchi Eating Small Fish 30g from Ymaki

Product nameSalt-free additive-free Setouchi Eating Small Fish 30g from Ymaki

This product is kettle-boiled without salt. In addition, the texture is crunchy and chewy but easy to chew because of the soft dried fish quality. It has a rich flavor of small fish and is recommended as a snack or nibble because it is made without salt. It goes well with alcohol and can be enjoyed with beer or sake. It is a traditional Japanese snack. We hope you will enjoy the flavorful little fish.

Fushitatsu Shoten Niboshi

Product nameFushitatsu Shoten Niboshi

What makes this product unique is the use of carefully selected domestic sardines as raw materials. Domestic sardines are superior in quality and freshness, and this quality is one of the secrets of this dried fish. We also like the fact that no antioxidants or additives are used. The appeal of this product is that you can enjoy the traditional Japanese taste and natural deliciousness as it is. It is an excellent ingredient in many Japanese dishes, such as miso soup, simmered dishes, ramen, etc. Its generous 500 grams is perfect for the whole family to enjoy together.

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Natural Life Eating dried sardines

Product nameNatural Life Eating dried sardines

This product is made from Japanese anchovy, maximizing the freshness of the fish. Japanese anchovy is landed in many parts of Japan and its rich flavor gives it a special taste. It is characterized by a flavor that deepens the more it is chewed, without any unnecessary odor or bitterness. These natural snacks contain no additives or chemical seasonings, and are made with only salt. Since calcium can be easily replenished, it is recommended for everyone from growing children to working adults who want to maintain their health, as well as for the elderly who want to stay healthy.

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