10 Best Japanese Curry Crackers in 2024

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Kameda’s Curry Sen

Product nameKameda’s Curry Sen

Kameda’s Curry Sen is a confectionery whose main ingredients are rice, vegetable oil and fat, and curry flavored seasoning. The moment the bag is opened, the savory curry flavor wafts through the air, stimulating the appetite. The taste is tangy and spicy, emphasizing the spiciness of curry. The crispy texture makes it very easy to eat, and the addictive taste makes it a product that is sure to be a repeat customer. Because of its strong stimulation, this snack is recommended for men and adults. It is recommended for men and adults, and is a great way to refresh or refresh your mind.

Hanjuku Curry Sen

Product nameHanjuku Curry Sen

Hanjuku Curry Sen is a snack made of Uruchi rice, curry sauce, syrup, Worcestershire sauce, and other ingredients. It is a completely new type of nure-sen cracker made by dipping a crispy fried rice cracker in the sauce. The texture is a different dimension where moist and crispy coexist, and the nostalgic curry flavor that seeps out is addictive. The unique texture makes them very satisfying to eat. Another feature of this product is that it does not require fire, water, or a plate, making it a perfect emergency food stocking.

Sapporo Soup Curry Crackers “Crunchy yet?”

Product nameSapporo Soup Curry Crackers “Crunchy yet?”

Sapporo Soup Curry Crackers “Crunchy yet?” is a snack made mainly from Uruchi rice, vegetable oil and fat, and fermented seasoning. It has a rich, well-spiced taste of authentic curry, and is somewhat nostalgic. The texture is crunchy and crispy, making it a very satisfying snack. Because of its rich taste, it is suitable for adults and goes well as a snack with beer. As a souvenir of Hokkaido, it is a perfect snack for relatives and parents.

Rengatei Curry Senbei

Product nameRengatei Curry Senbei

Rengatei Curry Senbei is a snack made mainly from sauce, rice, vegetable oil and fat, and curry seasoning. The curry flavor of the sweet fried rice crackers is not spicy and is very palatable. The crunchy texture makes it light and easy to eat, so you can’t stop eating it. Because it does not have the spicy taste characteristic of curry, children and women can also enjoy this product. It is a perfect daily snack.

MAIKO HAN HI~HI~HI~Curry rice cracker

Product nameMAIKO HAN HI~HI~HI~Curry rice cracker

MAIKO HAN HI~HI~HI~Curry rice cracker is a confectionery made of Uruchi rice, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, curry powder, and other ingredients. Maiko Han Hi~Hi~Hi~Ichimi” is a blend of “domestic habanero” delivered from contract farmers and hontaka chili peppers, and is “spicy and delicious” not only in dishes but also when sprinkled on sweets. Maiko Han Hi~Hi~Hi~Curry Crackers” are crunchy, light-textured crackers sprinkled with “Kyohatsu” Ichimi and curry powder, etc., giving them a more delicious and spicy flavor. It is also very satisfying, measuring approximately 7 cm in diameter. The spicy curry crackers are perfect as a snack.

Otona no Curry Senbei

Product nameOtona no Curry Senbei

Otona no Curry Senbei is a confectionery made mainly of Uruchi rice, curry sauce, syrup, and Worcestershire sauce. This product has been a popular snack among those in the know since it was first sold about 21 years ago. The black pepper gives it a tangy feel that makes it cohesive. It is also a perfect accompaniment to wine or sake, making it a luxurious snack for adults.

Three kinds of flavor curry rice crackers

Product nameThree kinds of flavor curry rice crackers

Three kinds of flavor curry rice crackers are made of rice, curry sauce, syrup, dextrin, and Worcestershire sauce, etc. The most popular curry rice cracker, the cheese curry rice cracker popular among women and children, and the spicy green curry rice cracker are packed together. You can enjoy three different flavors with a crunchy texture. Individually wrapped for easy portioning, they are also perfect for dispersal. The crackers are suitable for everyone from children to adults, so why not have a taste-testing session with family and friends?

Teika’s Favorite Curry Crackers

Product name

Teika’s Favorite Curry Crackers are made of rice, curry sauce, vegetable oil, and syrup, etc. They are made with a special recipe that combines the original curry spice with a soup made by simmering seven kinds of carefully selected ingredients for a long time to pursue the aroma and flavor. The taste is neither too sweet nor too spicy, so it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. We hope you will enjoy the sweet and tasty Japanese-style curry crackers.

Shinjuku Curry Arare

Product nameShinjuku Curry Arare

Shinjuku Curry Arare is a snack made of glutinous rice flour, vegetable oil and fat, chicken seasoning, and curry powder. The soft, lightly baked “arare” is topped with Nakamuraya’s traditional curry spice, making it a light, spicy, and crispy product. The light texture makes even women happy to eat it. The small, bite-size bags make them perfect for souvenirs or small gifts.

Chiisana Curry Bread Crackers

Product nameChiisana Curry Bread Crackers

Chiisana Curry Bread Crackers are snacks made mainly from vegetable oil, rice, sugar, and dextrin. The Japanese sweet curry flavor with a hint of dashi broth gives the crackers a gentle taste. The texture is soft and crunchy, making it a snack that you can’t help but enjoy. They are perfect for a quick snack or when you are hungry.

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