7 Best Hello Kitty Cake in 2024

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Pre-Cake Hello Kitty

Product namePre-Cake Hello Kitty

Pre-Cake Hello Kitty is a cake made with dairy products, sugar, whole eggs and jelly as main ingredients. It is made with a fluffy sponge sandwiched between refreshing whipped cream and refreshing fruit. There are also two flavors to choose from: whipped cream and chocolate cream. Both contain yellow peaches, which are very juicy and sweet. The surface of the cake is decorated with Hello Kitty, which is very cute. Recommended for children’s birthday cakes.

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KITTY & MIMMY Smile Cake

Product nameKITTY & MIMMY Smile Cake

KITTY & MIMMY Smile Cake is a cake whose main ingredients are eggs, milk, apples, and gelatin. The cake has two layers, one in peach syrup and the other in pear syrup. Between the sponge and the pulp is a chanterelle cream, which is very sweet and delicious. Kitty and Mimmy, shaped in milk mousse, are very cute and very popular among children. This cake is perfect for birthdays and other celebrations.

Hello Kitty Strawberry Fluffy Cream Cake

Product nameHello Kitty Strawberry Fluffy Cream Cake

Hello Kitty Strawberry Fluffy Cream Cake is made with fresh cream, strawberries, sugar and natural cheese as main ingredients. This rare cheese cake is made with fresh cream, condensed milk and cow’s milk mascarpone cheese from Hokkaido. The two different layers of cake melt together in your mouth, and the subtle tartness of strawberries and refreshing cream cheese create an exquisite taste. Try it as a gift for children and women on birthdays, Girls’ Day, and other occasions.

Hinamatsuri Cake Hello Kitty

Product nameHinamatsuri Cake Hello Kitty

Hinamatsuri Cake Hello Kitty is a cake whose main ingredients are cream, eggs, flour, sugar, plus kiwifruit and oranges for decoration. It is colorfully and prettily decorated with orange as the sandwich fruit and strawberry, orange, and kiwifruit as the topping fruit. The subtle sourness of the fruit combined with the sweetness of the whipped cream is very delicious. The set also includes male and female dolls, a Bonobori candle, a peach blossom pick, a chocolate plate, and a folding screen. Why don’t you give it to your child on the occasion of Hinamatsuri? They will surely be delighted.

Halloween Kitty Cake

Product nameHalloween Kitty Cake

Halloween Kitty Cake is made of cream, canned fruit (peach, mandarin oranges, pineapple), eggs, sugar, and flour. The cake will be topped with Halloween Kitty with a drizzling chocolate nosh. The sweetness of the fruit and whipped cream are intertwined and very delicious. The kitty made with icing cookies is also cute and very popular among children. Please enjoy your Halloween party with this cake.

Sanrio Characters Palette 4

Product nameSanrio Characters Palette 4

Sanrio Characters Palette 4 is a cake made mainly from sugar, decorative whip, sponge, and syrup, and comes in four flavors: the first is a mouth-watering strawberry flavor with strawberry mixed with vanilla; the second is a melt-in-your-mouth caramel ribbon with crispy chocolate chips; the third is a rich vanilla chocolate with cookies; the fourth is a popping shower bursting with Pop Rocks candy. The third is a rich vanilla chocolate with cookies, and the fourth is a popping shower bursting with Pop Rocks candy. They all come in different flavors and can be enjoyed at parties.

Hello Kitty Princess Cake

Product nameHello Kitty Princess Cake

Hello Kitty Princess Cake is a cake whose main ingredients are eggs, cream, and strawberries. It is decorated with strawberry-flavored cream squeezed into the shape of a rose, and the sides of the cake are decorated with the ruffles of the dress in cream. The cake is a delicious combination of the subtle tartness of strawberries and the sweet strawberry cream. Please enjoy this cake for birthdays and celebrations.

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