The 3 Best Free Japanese Snack Boxes in 2024 ! 

Free Japanese Snack Boxes

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Top 3 Best Free Japanese Snack Boxes Ranked


  • 10-piece assortment box of snacks.
  • One time buy only.
  • Ships to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia only.
  • Get one box free with prepaid purchase of a recommended monthly subscription box!

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Price List

Price per monthtotal cost
1 month$29.90/mo$29.90

What services does MUNCH ADDICT offer?

Box of 10 Japanese snacks.
Japanese snack box is a one-time purchase.
In addition to Japanese snacks, there are also Korean snacks, Mexican snacks, and other types of snacks.
There is a service where you can get one box for free if you prepay for a monthly subscription box
Fewer sweets inside.

MUNCH ADDICT is a service that offers assorted boxes of snacks from various countries. While the Japanese snack assortment and the British snack assortment are one-time purchases, MUNCH ADDICT recommends that you sign up for a monthly subscription box of assorted snacks.

By signing up for this pre-paid monthly subscription box, you will receive a free assortment of Japanese or British snacks!

Not only will you save money by signing up for your favorite box each month, but you will also receive a box of snacks worth approximately $40 for free!

Operating CompanyMunch Addct LLC.

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Bokksu details
  • Assorted Japanese sweets and traditional confectionery box.
  • From $49.99/month.
  • Excellent point program and you can even get one box for free if you accumulate points.
  • Get a free gift with a one-year contract.

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Price List

Price per monthtotal cost
12 months$39.99/mo$479.88
6 months$43.99/mo$263.94
3 months$45.99/mo$137.97
1 month$49.99/mo$49.99

What services does Bokksu offer?

More than 20 traditional Japanese confections and other items.
Free gift with a contract of 1 year or more.
There is a point program and it is very economical!
Bokksu contains sweets that can only be tasted at Bokksu.
Mainly Japanese sweets and traditional confections.

Bokksu contains more than 20 items, including traditional Japanese sweets such as rice cakes, rice crackers, and tea. You can choose from monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year contracts, and the longer you sign up, the more you save on your monthly bill. Also, those who sign a contract for one year or longer receive a free kimono-like gown!

Although Bokksu may seem expensive at first glance, the company has an extensive point accumulation program, including 100 points for creating an account and following on Instagram.
The points you accumulate can be used as $1 for every 100 points you earn, so it’s a great deal.

There is also a discount for inviting friends, and if the invited person makes a purchase of $40 or more, they can get $15 off each other’s purchases, and eventually they may even get a box for free.

Why don’t you introduce Bokksu to your friends and enjoy Japanese culture through Bokksu with mutual savings and fun?

Operating CompanyBokksu Corporation
AddressNew York, U.S.A.
(Second base is Tokyo, Japan.)

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Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat details
  • We have a great refer-a-friend system, and $5 is yours for every person you refer!
  • Free box delivered to anyone who refers this box on social networking sites!
  • Available for worldwide shipping.
  • Delivered monthly!

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Price List

Price per monthtotal cost
12 months$32.5/mo$390
6 months$33.5/mo$201
3 months$35.5/mo$106.5
1 month$37.5/mo$37.5

What services does Tokyo Treat offer?

Value boxes filled with the latest Japanese snacks and drinks.
Refer-a-friend program available and earn commissions.
Free boxes for social networking influencers.
Shipping costs are a little high.

Tokyo Treat is a great value box filled not only with the latest Japanese snacks, but also instant ramen noodles and sweet breads! The theme changes with the seasons, and the box contains over 1.3 kilos of contents in total.

Tokyo Treat is offering a free box to any video producer or influencer who introduces Tokyo Treat to their audience.

The more people who purchase from the links you post on social media, the more commission you will receive, and for every person who signs up, you will receive $5. It is possible to earn $3000 a month, so it is very profitable for those who use social networking sites!

It’s a great way to enjoy the latest Japanese snacks and earn money at the same time!

Why don’t you enjoy introducing the latest Japanese snacks to the world and expand the circle of people who enjoy delicious Japanese snacks together?

Check the official site!

In the following article, japanese-snacks-lab reviews the newest box each month without nonce.

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