10 Best Rare Japanese Snacks in 2024

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Koeda <Mitsumoimo Brulee>

Product nameKoeda <Mitsumoimo Brulee>
Gluten Free

Koeda <Mitsumoimo Brulee> is a sweet potato honey brulee-flavored chocolate candy. Koeda is a long-selling product that has been on the market since 1971. The chocolate is made to resemble a twig, with rice puffs and almonds inside the chocolate for a pleasant texture. This is a special twig for a limited time only, inspired by “honeypotato brûlée”. Sweet potatoes and rich sweet Anno sweet potato powder are used as ingredients. The individually wrapped four pieces are also easy to eat and have become very popular.

Pocky <Tokyo Amazake>

Product namePocky <Tokyo Amazake>
Gluten Free

Pocky <Tokyo Amazake> is a limited edition product of Pocky for the Tokyo metropolitan area. In recent years, amazake has been gaining popularity as a healthy food not only in Japan but around the world due to its rich nutritional value. The amazake used is from Tokyo Minato Brewery, which was established in Bunka 9, and the rice malt and water used to make the amazake are thoroughly sourced from Tokyo Kyoto. The size is larger than a regular Pocky, and one piece is enough to satisfy the taste buds. When you put it in your mouth, the mellow aroma of amazake fills your mouth. It is a perfect souvenir for those with a sweet tooth. The individual packaging is also a nice feature.

Potato Chips Shikwasa Flavor

Product namePotato Chips Shikwasa Flavor
Gluten Free

Potato Chips Shikwasa Flavor is a Shikwasa-flavored potato chip. Shikwasa juice and Ishigaki salt are added to create a refreshing, original Okinawan flavor. The Shikwasa flavor has a refreshing sourness and is popular among a wide range of people. These potato chips are a regional product, not available everywhere, and are quite rare, so if you see them, please give them a try. You will surely be captivated by them. Share them with friends and family during snack time or with drinks, and enjoy this special snack with a sense of conversation.

Oyatsuriko An Butter Flavor

Product nameOyatsuriko An Butter Flavor
Gluten Free

Oyatsuriko An Butter Flavor is a stick-type snack made from azuki beans. From Calbee’s long-selling brand “Jagarico” comes “Oyariko An Butter Flavor,” a sweet snack with a sweet taste. The whole azuki beans are crushed, and the crushed azuki skin can also be enjoyed. The stick has a crispy, crunchy texture and just the right amount of sweetness. The An Butter flavor balances the gentle sweetness of the azuki bean paste with the richness and saltiness of butter. This is a pouch-type package that can stand on its own. It is recommended for outdoor activities, driving, or just snacking. It is a great way to refill your sugar intake when you need a break!

Look (Zunda)

Product nameLook (Zunda)
Gluten Free

Look (Zunda) is a chocolate confection based on the theme of Zunda, a traditional seasonal dish of the Tohoku region. Zunda is a green paste made by mashing edamame (immature soybeans) or fava beans, and is traditionally used as a sweet zunda cake or a salty salad. In recent years, Zunda has been the focus of much attention as various Zunda dishes and new products have been developed. The chocolate is made of milk chocolate with zunda whipped together with zunda cream. Please try this product, which is only available in the Tohoku region, with the aroma of Zunda spreading in your mouth.

Country Mam (Sasa-dango flavor)

Product nameCountry Mam (Sasa-dango flavor)
Gluten Free

Country Mam (Sasa-dango flavor) is a cookie only available in Niigata, Japan, inspired by “Sasa-dango” (bamboo grass dumplings). Country Mam is Japan’s best-selling national cookie, with 1.2 billion sold annually. Sasa-dango,” a specialty of Niigata, is a simple sweet made by wrapping a yomogi rice cake in bamboo grass. Just like the actual yomogi mochi, these are flavored with yomogi on the outside and azuki beans on the inside. The Country Ma’am is a moist cookie with a sweet taste that melts in your mouth. We hope you will experience this special Niigata-only flavor.

Coconut Sable <Mitarashi Dango Flavor>

Product nameCoconut Sable <Mitarashi Dango Flavor>
Gluten Free

Coconut Sable <Mitarashi Dango Flavor> is a cookie that resembles a Mitarashi dango. Coconut Sablé is a coconut-flavored cookie that has been on the market since 1965 and has been loved for many years. The Mitarashi Dango Flavor is a Kansai-only cookie that uses the light soy sauce popular in the Kansai region to reproduce the sweet and sour taste. 4 individually wrapped cookies come in a 4-pack, so you can always enjoy a crispy cookie. The packaging is eye-catching and evokes the lively atmosphere of the Kansai region, making you want to pick one up. The product is only available in the Kansai region, so if you see it, please try it.

Kyushu Karamucho Sweet and Spicy Chili Tomatoes

Product nameKyushu Karamucho Sweet and Spicy Chili Tomatoes
Gluten Free

Kyushu Karamucho Sweet and Spicy Chili Tomatoes are potato chips available only in Kyushu. Karamucho are potato chips manufactured and sold by Koikeya, and are a spicy snack based on the flavor of chili. This is a completely new potato snack that is not only spicy, but also has a secret umami flavor such as onion and garlic, and the spiciness is its main selling point. The sweetness of the tomatoes and the pungent chili peppers create an unlikely sweet and spicy umami flavor. Please enjoy the unlikely sweet and spicy flavor.

Yukimuro Chocolat (mellow milk, aged cacao)

Product nameYukimuro Chocolat (mellow milk, aged cacao)
Gluten Free

Yukimuro Chocolat (mellow milk, aged cacao) is made from cacao beans aged in a snow chamber, a natural refrigerator unique to snow country. The cacao beans matured in the snow chamber facilities at the Uonuma Plant are used to create a mild flavor with little unpleasant taste. Each piece is made thin so that it melts easily in the mouth and the flavor and taste can be easily felt. You can enjoy the clear taste of cacao that has been quietly refined by the blessings of nature in the form of snow. The hexagonal shape of the chocolate is reminiscent of snow crystals, with six different patterns, and each piece is individually wrapped. We hope you will try this special chocolate.

Fuji Alfort

Product nameFuji Alfort
Gluten Free

Fuji Alfort is a chocolate cookie in the shape of Mt. Alfort is a popular chocolate cookie that was first sold in 1994. This chocolate cookie is shaped like a snow-covered Mt. Fuji. 14 pieces are individually wrapped. Fuji, which is registered as a World Heritage site and represents Japan. The exquisite combination of digestive biscuits and chocolate is so delicious that everyone will fall in love with it. Fuji, the most famous mountain in Japan. Fuji, the most famous mountain in Japan, as a souvenir.

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