10 Best Pink Japanese Snacks in 2024

pink japanese snacks

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The Best Japanese Snacks Boxes are…
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Petit Strawberry Milk

Product namePetit Strawberry Milk
Gluten Free

Petit Strawberry Milk is a strawberry milk-flavored biscuit confectionery. It is a cookie with condensed milk sandwiched between two pieces of gently sweetened strawberry milk cream. The strawberry milk flavor makes it easy for children to eat and is popular among a wide range of people. The package features an illustration of a cute bear. The moderate sweetness of the dough and the tartness of the cream are a perfect match, and once you try it, you will become addicted to it. Each one is small and can be eaten in one bite, making it perfect for outdoor activities and road trips. Another nice feature is that they can be enjoyed at an affordable price.

BISCO <Strawberry>

Product nameBISCO <Strawberry>
Gluten Free

BISCO <Strawberry> is a cookie confectionery with strawberry cream sandwiched in. BISCO is a national long-selling confectionery that was first sold in 1934. It has long been loved by a wide range of people, from children to the elderly. The strawberry cream is sandwiched between crispy whole wheat milk cookies. It contains lactic acid bacteria cream that can reach the intestines alive. The sweet and sour flavor of ripe strawberries spreads in the mouth, making this lactobacillus cream sandwich enjoyable for the whole family. It is a recommended product that you should always have in your bag because it is individually wrapped and easy to eat at snack time with your children or when you are hungry and it is convenient to carry.

Cream Cologne <Strawberry>

Product nameCream Cologne <Strawberry>
Gluten Free

Cream Cologne <Strawberry> is a cylindrical thin waffle core filled with cream. This is a long-selling product that has been loved for a long time. The waffle has a crispy texture and is wrapped with a fluffy, lightly sweet strawberry cream, giving it a lovely size. The bite-sized petite sweets with addictive texture and flavor are popular among children and women. The sweet and sour strawberry flavor is addictive. Individually wrapped and easy to eat, they are also recommended for sharing. They are perfect for snack time with children or when taking a break.

Pucca (Strawberry)

Product namePucca (Strawberry)
Gluten Free

Pucca (Strawberry) is a chocolate candy with chocolate filling inside pretzel dough. Pukka is a chocolate candy from Meiji Co., Ltd. and is a long-selling product loved in Japan. The crispy, savory pretzel shaped like a fish is filled with milky, mild strawberry chocolate. The firm pretzel texture and smooth chocolate are so popular that once you start eating it, you will not be able to stop. It is a snack time treat that will spark conversation with your children and make them want to pick it up and eat it together.


Product namePoifl
Gluten Free

Poifl is a sugar-coated fruit-flavored gummy that has been a long-time favorite since 1993. They come in an assortment of four flavors: raspberry, green apple, lemon, and grape. The sugar coating keeps hands clean and makes them easy to eat anytime, anywhere. The texture is soft and the fruit flavors can be felt well. The colorful shades of each flavor are also unique and fun to look at. Sometimes rare heart-shaped poifles, which are rumored to bring happiness to those who find them, are included, making it a pleasure to eat them while looking for them.

Kit Kat Mini Otona no Sweetness Strawberry

Product nameKit Kat Mini Otona no Sweetness Strawberry
Gluten Free

Kit Kat Mini Otona no Sweetness Strawberry is a strawberry-flavored wafer chocolate candy. As the name “Otona no sweetness Strawberry” suggests, it has a gorgeous strawberry aroma and refreshing sourness, and has a mildly sweet, adult taste. Unlike the conventional product with four large wafers, this product features a mini size with two short wafers coated in chocolate. Individually packaged and in small pieces, these wafers can be easily broken into small pieces and enjoyed. They are recommended for sharing at school or work, and are also popular with children as they are easy to eat during snack time.


Product nameMilneige
Gluten Free

Milneige is a powdered white powder cake. The cake is made with a softly baked cake dough, sandwiched between soft and fluffy cream sandwiches, coated with white chocolate on the outside, and covered with Milneige powder, which is reminiscent of powdered snow. The secret of its popularity is the perfect match of rich milk and snow-like powder. If you have never tried this highly processed and original powder cake, please give it a try. You will surely be captivated by it.

Puree Gummi Premium Yamanashi White Peach

Product namePuree Gummi Premium Yamanashi White Peach
Gluten Free

Puree Gummi Premium Yamanashi White Peach is a gummy candy made from Yamanashi white peach juice. Puree Gummi Premium” is a popular series of gummy candies that offers a luxurious taste like real fruit, proposing a small reward with gummi. The fruit juice is made from white peaches from Yamanashi Prefecture, which is famous for its peaches. This premium product reproduces the juiciness of white peaches in a dense center julep, with plenty of white peach juice and the taste of sour powder and pulpy gummy texture that only puree gummies can offer, so you can enjoy the contrast in taste between the gummy and julep parts. It may also contain a secret star shape that you will be lucky to encounter.

Petit Shrimp

Product namePetit Shrimp
Gluten Free

Petit Shrimp are bite-sized shrimp crackers. The savory flavor of the grilled shrimp gives it a light and crispy snack type of taste. The unique sandwich baking method gives the crispy texture to this savory grilled shrimp cracker. The dough is topped with shrimp powder and baked, giving it a savory shrimp flavor. It is a snack type starch rice cracker with a good texture and bite that is not found in other products. The bite-size crackers are easy to eat and are recommended for snack time with children or as an accompaniment to alcoholic beverages. Please try them for yourself at a reasonable price.

Pureal Gummi Apples

Product namePureal Gummi Apples
Gluten Free

Pureal Gummi Apples are apple-flavored gummy candies. It is a two-layer gummy with a soft texture, soft and fluffy, and has a fresh aroma like biting into a real fruit and a sweet and sour taste like an apple with honey, which lasts from the time the package is opened to the aftertaste. Made with domestically produced fruit juice. The pouch-type package makes the product easy to eat on the go. You can quickly take it out and eat it when you are a little hungry. It is a popular product because it is an easy way to enjoy the taste of domestic apples. You will love it, and it will become a must-have item to have in your bag at all times.

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