10 Best Japanese Panda Snacks in 2024

japanese panda snacks

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The Appeal of Japanese Panda Snacks

Pandas are large mammals native to China, and are loved around the world for their distinctive black-and-white fur and charming expressions. In Japan, panda exhibits at zoos are especially popular, and many goods and events featuring pandas have been held. The appeal of pandas lies in their rarity and cuteness, and they are popular with a wide range of people, from children to adults. Panda sweets are especially popular among children, as many of the products are fun to look at, such as panda-shaped biscuits and cakes. These sweets are also popular as gifts for panda fans and as items that symbolize Japan’s kawaii culture. Sweets with panda motifs provide a double delight: fun to look at and delicious to eat.

Panda Sable

Product namePanda Sable
Gluten Free

Panda Sable is a panda-shaped sable. It is a butter sable in the shape of a panda baum, with a slightly sweet and slightly tangy taste and a delightful crispy texture. It is popular among children and women because of its adorable panda shape. One bite and the crispy texture and mellow buttery aroma will fill your mouth. The package contains 8 pieces. The luxurious impression of the paper box makes it a good choice for gift-giving. You will want to pick up this product while thinking of the recipient’s face.


Product nameSakusakupanda
Gluten Free

Sakusakupanda is a chocolate cookie snack based on the concept of “Happiness found, healing panda. The appearance of the cookies, which resemble a panda’s face, combined with chocolates representing various facial expressions, is very impressive. The taste is a delicious combination of crispy biscuits, milk chocolate, and mildly bitter chocolate that is addictive. Cacao mass from Ghana and Ecuador is used. The chocolate pandas come in 70 different expressions! You can enjoy many cute expressions of pandas. Perfect for snack time with children or tea time with friends. It is sure to spark conversation.


Product namePandaro
Gluten Free

Pandaro is a cookie in the shape of a panda’s face. These panda-shaped cookies have a variety of cute expressions, and the package also has a large panda face on it. There are many variations of the package, and they are a pleasure to look at. The taste is characterized by a simple, gentle sweetness. The cookies have a crispy, chewy texture that is not too hard, making them suitable for both children and the elderly. Since they are reasonably priced cookies, they are perfect for sharing with people at school or work, or for parties where children gather. Please pick up a Pandaro~ cookie that will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Happy Panda

Product nameHappy Panda
Gluten Free

Happy Panda is an assortment of 8 kinds of cookies. It was released as a commemorative product for the birth of the Ueno Zoo’s giant panda twin babies. The product is a combination of seven other types of cookies, including a cookie with a print of a chef panda baking cookies. The package is a cylindrical paper box with a cute illustration of Chef Panda on the top. Each cookie is individually wrapped, so you can always enjoy a freshly opened one. The cookies are the perfect size and price for a small gift, making them a popular choice for many people.

Panda Print Crackers

Product namePanda Print Crackers
Gluten Free

Panda Print Crackers are rice crackers with a panda illustration and message printed on them; each box contains 15 crackers with two patterns of illustrations and messages. There are two patterns of messages, so you can freely choose the one that best fits the occasion. The luxury boxed crackers can be gift wrapped with wrapping paper as is. Rice crackers are loved by everyone from children to the elderly, so there is no need to choose the recipient. They are very popular as a thank-you or greeting gift because of their lovely appearance.

Panda Petit Cigars

Product namePanda Petit Cigars
Gluten Free

Panda Petit Cigars are cookies wrapped with a panda illustration. The buttery dough is baked and rolled into a petite-sized cookie. These cookies have a gentle sweetness and light texture with a rich buttery aroma. They have a taste that will be loved for a long time by everyone from children to the elderly. The outer paper box and individual wrapping bags are based on the concept of “patissier panda” and humorously depict a patissier panda struggling to make cookies. This limited edition product is a perfect souvenir or gift for children.

White Dorayaki “Panda-san”

Product nameWhite Dorayaki “Panda-san”
Gluten Free

White Dorayaki “Panda-san” is a white dough dorayaki with a panda illustration printed on it. Dorayaki is a Japanese confectionery that usually consists of two slightly puffed discs of sponge cake-like dough with azuki red bean paste sandwiched in between. The combination of the fluffy dough and the gently sweet azuki red bean paste is a classic Japanese confectionery that has been loved in Japan for centuries. These are made with white dough, which makes the illustrations stand out. There are five illustrations in total, and the cute panda illustration is appreciated by children and women. They are individually wrapped and sold in boxes of 3, 5, or 10. It is a nice feature to be able to choose according to the number of recipients.

Panda’s Journey

Product namePanda’s Journey
Gluten Free

Panda’s Journey is a shrimp cracker with an illustration of a traveling panda printed on it, made by Katsura Shindo, which was founded in 1866 and has been loved in Japan since long ago. This Tokyo-only product has an illustration of two pandas traveling around Tokyo’s famous landmarks while taking pictures with each other. The individually wrapped packages are also a nice feature, and the fact that they come in three sizes (6, 8, and 16 bags) is another reason why they are chosen. The cute packaging is the first thing that catches the eye. Please pick up these authentic shrimp crackers for your loved ones to taste.

Baker’s Panda Cookies

Product nameBaker’s Panda Cookies
Gluten Free

Baker’s Panda Cookies are an assortment of cookies with a panda motif. These cookies feature the popular animal loved by all, the panda, as a baker. These bakery-style cookies contain cookies in the shape of bread. Underneath the panda cookies are eight different cookies. The cookies are specially packaged in a tin with a panda bakery illustration on the exterior of the outer cover. They look adorable and are appreciated by children. They are perfect for birthday parties and tea time with children. This cookie tin is also popular as a small thank you or a birthday gift.

Happy Yellow Castella Panda

Product nameHappy Yellow Castella Panda
Gluten Free

Happy Yellow Castella Panda is a sponge cake with a panda package. Castella is a Japanese confectionery made by whisking chicken eggs and mixing them with flour and syrup, then baking the dough in an oven. Once you try it, you will be captivated by its gentle sweetness. This product can be stored at room temperature, and since it is already cut into pieces, there is no need to cut it and it can be shared immediately. Please choose this carefully selected castella made with carefully selected ingredients as a gift for your loved ones or as a greeting gift.

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