16 Best Japanese Jelly Snacks in 2024

Japanese Jelly Snacks

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Purunto konnyaku jelly (various kinds)

Product namePurunto konnyaku jelly (various kinds)
Gluten Free

Purunto Konnyaku Jelly (various types) is a tasty and convenient petit-sized jelly confection with a konnyaku texture that contains plenty of fruit juice. Using konnyaku as an ingredient, combined with plenty of fruit juice, the texture of konnyaku and juicy fruitiness can be enjoyed. The standard flavors are white peach, grape, muscat, and unshu mandarin orange. Popular for its unique konnyaku texture, this pouch-type jelly is full of fruitiness and is eaten by chewing the jelly that comes out while pushing the package out with your hands. It is easy for children to handle and can be eaten with both hands, so the whole family can enjoy it together.

Lala crash

Product nameLala crash
Gluten Free

Lala crash is a jelly snack with a konjac texture. The crushed konjac and juicy jelly are two fun textures that are popular among both children and adults. 1.6g of dietary fiber and only 8kcal per 24g serving are great features, and the product is especially popular among women. The grape and muscat flavors are standard products, while the apricot milk flavor is a seasonal product. The individually wrapped packages are perfect for family gatherings and snack time. They can be eaten without worrying about calories, so they are also recommended as a snack for those on a diet.

Forest Fruit Shop 100% fruit juice

Product nameForest Fruit Shop 100% fruit juice
Gluten Free

Mori no Kudamoya-san Fruit Juice 100% is a soft drink ice candy in a tube. The large bag of product contains 4 apple-flavored, 4 grape-flavored, and 2 mandarin orange-flavored tubes. No coloring, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives are used, so it can be shared safely with children. Sold at room temperature, there are endless ways to enjoy it: freeze it in the freezer and cut it into bite-size pieces, chill it in the refrigerator and cut the ends off and drink it as a drink, or freeze it in an ice dish to make a delicious sherbet. Since it is 100% concentrated fruit juice, you can enjoy its robust flavor. On hot summer days, freeze it for a perfect snack time with your children.

Anpanman fruit jelly

Product nameAnpanman fruit jelly
Gluten Free

Anpanman Fruit Jelly is a popular Anpanman brand fruit jelly for children. It comes in an assortment of three flavors: apple, mandarin orange, and grape. Made with Japanese domestic fruit juice and oligosaccharides, this product is safe for children. It tastes even better when chilled. Both the package and individual wrappers feature Anpanman characters, making it a small gift for children. This dessert jelly looks cute and will bring a smile to your child’s face during snack time with parents and children, or freeze it and use it as a cooler for lunch boxes on hot days.

Daily vitamin (grapefruit, muscat, peach flavors)

Product nameDaily vitamin
(grapefruit, muscat, peach flavors)
Gluten Free

Vitamins for a Day (Grapefruit, Muscat, and Peach flavors) is a jelly beverage that provides 13 vitamins. Available in grapefruit, muscat, and dietary fiber peach flavors, the refreshing taste and unique texture of the jelly are addictive. Drinking it when one’s life is irregular and one’s diet tends to be unbalanced, it can easily and efficiently supply all 13 vitamins, making it a perfect substitute for dessert or snacks. The pouch style is easy to carry with one hand, and you can drink it even when you are on the move, so it is recommended for you who are busy.

PURE (various types)

Product namePURE (various types)
Gluten Free

PURE (various kinds) is a fruit jelly that allows you to enjoy the pure taste of carefully selected fruits picked in season. Available in mikan, peach, grape, mixed, golden pineapple, loquat, and pear flavors, you can enjoy the seasonal taste of fruit any time of the year. The jelly is clear, fresh, and smooth, with a fine fruit aroma and luxurious flavor that fills the mouth. With a content of 270g, it is perfect for snack time with children or as a little treat for yourself.

After-dinner dessert

Product nameAfter-dinner dessert
Gluten Free

The after-dinner dessert is a cup of Jell-O that is just the right size for after dinner. The size is perfect, and all flavors are low in calories and refreshing. The Grape & Nata de Coco contains plenty of dietary fiber, while the other flavors are rich in vitamin C, making them especially popular among those who are concerned about nutrient deficiencies. The low calorie content makes them a great dessert on a diet or a relaxing after-dinner treat.

jelly made from konjac

Product namejelly made from konjac
Gluten Free

Konjac jelly is a jelly candy with a konjac texture made by candy maker Kyochin Seika Co. The fun texture and long, thin sticks of jelly are easy to eat for everyone from children to the elderly. Available in green apple, grape, pineapple, cider, and strawberry flavors, they are not too sweet and have a refreshing taste, making them perfect for snacks. They can be chilled in the refrigerator or frozen in the freezer to enjoy them like ice cream, and can be enjoyed in a wide variety of ways.

Soft fruit jelly

Product nameSoft fruit jelly
Gluten Free

Yawaraka Fruit Jelly is a jelly confection that offers a rich fruit flavor and soft texture. The soft texture makes it a popular product for everyone from children to the elderly. The large 230g serving size is individually wrapped, so it is ideal for sharing at work or school, for snack time with children, for family gatherings, or for eating during work or sports. They are also easy to eat between work or sports activities. You can also have them with you when you are hungry.

Frutissier (various types)

Product nameFrutissier (various types)
Gluten Free

Frutissier (various types) is a jelly that maximizes the deliciousness of fruit. Flavors include mikan (mandarin orange), mixed, ripe white peach, grape, Hokkaido melon, Shine Muscat puree with nata de coco, and pink grapefruit. The jelly itself is soft and easy to eat, and is popular among a wide range of people, from children to the elderly. The size and price are reasonable, so please pick one up if you see one.

Dole’s fruit jellies

Product nameDole’s fruit jellies
Gluten Free

Dole’s fruit jellies are made from various fruits, fruit juices, and sugar. There are a wide variety of flavors such as fruit mix, pineapple, mandarin orange, and white peach. Enjoyed as a snack, dessert, or a lunchtime dish, it is a perfect product for daily life when fruit intake is difficult.

Ginza Jelly

Product nameGinza Jelly
Gluten Free

Ginza Jelly is a very popular jelly from a long-established brand called Ginza Sembikiya, founded in 1894. The key point is that the rich flavor of the fruit can be tasted as it is. The elegant sweetness and refreshing taste can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. In addition, since this product can be stored at room temperature, it can be stored without taking up space in the refrigerator. It may also be a good idea to include it in your daily lunch box.

Japanese Fruit Jelly from Kyushu Shunshoku Kan

Product nameJapanese Fruit Jelly from Kyushu Shunshoku Kan
Gluten Free

Japanese Fruit Jelly comes in six flavors: melon, blueberry, tomato, pear, mandarin orange, and tangerine, each made with fruit and fruit juice as well as sugar, glucose, and flavorings. The six flavors are available in a wide variety, so you will be delighted when you bring them as a gift to your friends or relatives.

Shinshu Jelly

Product nameShinshu Jelly
Gluten Free

Shinshu Jelly is made from fruits produced in Shinshu, Nagano Prefecture, which is so famous for its fruit industry that it is called the Fruit Kingdom, and agar agar, a specialty of Nagano Prefecture. It is a product characterized by the rich taste of fruit that spreads in the mouth and a mild texture. In addition to various fruits and fruit juices, sugar, agar and citric acid are used as ingredients. Because it is easy to eat, it can be enjoyed by both children and the elderly. It is a product that will surely be appreciated as a gift. It is also recommended to eat it with your friends

Fruit jelly from Sunyodo

Product nameFruit jelly from Sunyodo
Gluten Free

Fruit jelly from Sunyodo is a highly particular product with a total of seven different flavors. The fruit jelly is made from fruit and fruit juice, and all of them have large, fresh pulp with a thick texture. With a history dating back to the Meiji era, these canned products have been widely loved by people of all ages. It has also won numerous awards at canned food fairs and is highly regarded, making it a perfect gift. Since it can be stored at room temperature, it is easy to handle and suitable for carrying in lunch boxes.

Kanazawa Kaneroku Seika’s Ripe Fruit Jelly

Product nameKanazawa Kaneroku Seika’s Ripe Fruit Jelly
Gluten Free

Kanazawa Kaneroku Seika’s Ripe Fruit Jelly comes in five flavors: orange, grape, melon, peach, and strawberry, and is a very popular product with the delicious taste of its ingredients. The main ingredients are fruits and fruit juices, making them rich and easy to eat. 10 pieces are large enough to be enjoyed by all family members and relatives. It is also a perfect gift for sympathy and souvenirs. The number and variety of the products will never get boring, so it may be a very nice gift for your children or friends who live alone.

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