10 Best japanese gummy snacks in 2024

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Fruit Juice Gummies

Product nameFruit Juice Gummies

Fruit Juice Gummies are coloring-free gummies made with 100% fruit juice. The catchphrase is “Let’s eat kudamono,” and they have a delicious juicy taste and plump texture. There are grape, Onshu mandarin, peach, strawberry, and muscat varieties. These gummies are loved by children and adults of all ages. The package of the snacks with a zipper is convenient and does not spill and stain when placed in a bag. It is easy to take with you when you go out.

Pureal gummies

Product namePureal gummies

Pureal gummies are popular among soft gummies because they are particularly soft to eat. They are very soft to the touch and change their fluffy shape with just a little force. The gummies are light and do not stick to the hands when held in the palm of one’s hand. Pureal gummies are available in three flavors: sweet and sour apple flavor, grape flavor, and sweet and sour strawberry flavor. There are also limited-time products and products made in collaboration with famous characters, so it is a fun snack to search for what is available.

Haribo gummies

Product nameHaribo gummies

Haribo gummies are so well known to small children and adults alike that there is not a single person in Europe who does not know about them. born in 1922, Haribo are known for their hard texture and adorable bear shape. Despite their colorful appearance, they are free of synthetic colors. They do not stick to your hands and are a bit hard to the touch. They are hard gummies, so if you eat them all at once, your jaw will get tired. Even a single piece is tasty and satisfying.

Fettuccine gummies (various types)

Product nameFettuccine gummies (various types)

These gummies are shaped like fettuccine pasta, a thin, flat noodle. The simple stick shape makes them easy to grab. The gummies are evenly coated with a sour powder and have a unique chewy texture that is neither too hard nor too soft. There are over 80 flavors available from 2010 to the present, including Italian Grape, Sicilian Lemon, and Cola flavors. Available at convenience stores and supermarkets, you can have fun discovering your favorite flavor.

Puree Gummi

Product namePuree Gummi

Puree Gummi is a long-selling product and has been attracting many fans for 20 years. With the concept of stylish and cute fruit gummies, they have a pulpy texture and sour powder that is exquisitely delicious. Available in lemon, grape, muscat, and sweet summer soda flavors, the product comes in a variety of flavors. The packaging is cute and makes you want to keep them on hand at all times. Recommended for those who want to enjoy sweet and sour gummies during breaks from work.

Thubu Gummy

Product nameThubu Gummy

“Thubu Gummy” has the key phrase “bouncy and hard texture,” a unique and exciting point. The product lineup includes regular, seasonal, and premium varieties, allowing customers to choose their favorite flavor. The bag is about the size of a soybean, coated with a thin layer of sugar, and has a firm, elastic texture. The jumbo bag of gummy crumbs has a cute and colorful appearance. The colorful colors are made with natural coloring, making them safe to eat. They are easy to carry and are gaining popularity as a snack that can be enjoyed easily.


Product nameTOUGH GUMMY

TOUGH GUMMY is readily available at widely used convenience stores and supermarkets. They are available in three flavors: cola, energy drink, and soda, allowing you to enjoy the taste of beverages in a gummy form. Other flavors include plum, rock salt lemon, and lactobacillus drink, allowing you to find your favorite flavor. Tough Gummies are characterized by their cube shape and high elasticity, making them easy to grasp. They are ideal when you want to improve your concentration because you can chew and taste them thoroughly. Recommended for those seeking an unusual chewy texture and taste.



These gummies follow the popularity of the “Otoko Ume” series, with the sour and rich taste of pickled plums concentrated in the gummies. The gummies are hard and chewy, and the more you chew, the more the taste of the umeboshi is enhanced. The main difference from regular sweet gummies is the authentic salty taste of umeboshi. The umeboshi powder brings a salty taste, while the gummy part is subtly sweet, creating a well-balanced flavor. Recommended for those who want to try a new taste of gummy bears.

Shalimonyi Gummi Yogurt Flavor

Product nameShalimonyi Gummi Yogurt Flavor

As you can tell from the packaging, these gummies have a yogurt flavor and a refreshing sourness. One bite and the yogurt taste spreads in the mouth, and the refreshing sourness stimulates the appetite. When you take them out, you will notice that each gummy is large and has a strange shape, and the gummy is covered with a lot of powder. The gummy is soft and the texture is crisp. The gummy bears are soft and crisp in texture, and the aroma and flavor of yogurt can be enjoyed to the fullest, making this product especially recommended for those who like yogurt flavor.

Xylish Gummi Crystal Mint

Product nameXylish Gummi Crystal Mint

The characteristic of Kisirish Gum, “Breathe and feel refreshed! can also be enjoyed as a gummy. The chewy texture is pleasantly elastic yet chewy when chewed. The xylitol content helps to take care of your mouth. The refreshing mint flavor is perfect for a quick refreshment while studying or working. Please pop it in your mouth when you want to switch your mood. The phrase on the package, “Transformation into Gummies” is unique and impressive.

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